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Name of initiative SUNx Malta
LPAA initiative No
NAZCA Initiative Yes
Website address
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Launched against the backdrop of the 2020 UN General Assembly and linked to the UNFCCC Climate Action Portal, as the online tool for companies & communities to record, review and revise Climate Neutral and Sustainability Ambitions. It also enables consumers to easily check performance & make travel choices accordingly.

Registrar Dr Hans Friederich

Support Rose Mukogo
Starting year 2016
End year
Secretariat Olly Wheatcroft, Program Manager, +44 7765 132408,
Organisational structure SUNx (Strong Universal Network – the x reflects its focus on response to the eXistential Climate

Crisis) was established in 2010, as an EU based, not for profit organisation, with the support of the late Maurice Strong – one of the architects of global sustainable development – to apply his vision to the pivotal Travel & Tourism Sector.

In 2019 we signed a landmark initial 5-year SDG17 Agreement with Malta Tourism Authority and Tourism Ministry to relocate to Malta as a worldwide centre for Climate Friendly Travel with a “Plan For Our Kids” Strategy.

Geographical coverage Global
Name of lead organisation SUNx
Type of lead organisation Other
Location/Nationality of lead organisation Belgium


Description SUNx - Strong Universal Network - is a new system for Tourism destinations and stakeholders to build Climate Resilience in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement through “Climate Friendly Travel.”

SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Registry for 2050 Climate Neutral & Sustainability Ambitions The idea of a Climate Neutral 2050 Ambitions Registry was built into the Paris 2015 Agreement, as a way for Parties to transparently declare and progressively increase their Carbon reduction ambitions through 2050, so as to secure global temperature stabilized at tolerable levels for human survival.

As a transformation catalyst this Registry will be open to all Travel & Tourism companies and communities, whether they have created a 2050 Carbon Neutral Ambition yet. It will cover transport, hospitality, travel services and infrastructure providers - from the smallest to the largest, anywhere in the world. It will also be a conduit to the mainstream UN Climate Action Portal.

Objectives SUNx Malta is a legacy program to continue the vision of the late Maurice Strong, UN Climate and Sustainable Development leader for over half a century. A catalyst for sector transformation to Climate Friendly Travel – Low Carbon: SDG linked: Paris 1.5 We are working, with the support of the government of Malta, and the WTTC to make the Secretary General’s vision of “Climate Friendly Travel” a pathway for a Green and Clean Recovery. And we are using the UN’s own Global Strategic Climate and Sustainability Framework, with its agreed timelines, to do so.

2030 GREEN Recovery - the SDG's The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with 169 targets, 200+ indicators and a 2030 delivery are the global blueprint for countries, communities, companies, and consumers to select, prioritise and plan their own distinctive sustainability patterns and timetables.

2050 CLEAN Recovery - the Paris Climate Agreement with its 1.5o trajectory, nationally determined contributions and a 2050 delivery is an equally unique global stakeholder blueprint and timeline.

With the leadership of Malta’s Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia, Farrugia Portelli, we have introduced three important tools this year to support Travel & Tourism’s, Green/Clean transformation, in line with the UN framework.

Activities In the past 12 months we have laid the following Foundations for our work:

• SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Registry, launched against the backdrop of this year’s UN General Assembly & linked to the UNFCCC Climate Action Portal, as the online tool for companies & communities to record, review and revise Climate Neutral and Sustainability Ambitions. It also enables consumers to easily check performance & make travel choices accordingly. ( Registrar Dr Hans Friederich / Support Rose Mukogo)

• SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Diploma launched with Malta’s Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) to train the next generation of leaders to help deliver the transformation to Climate Friendly Travel at the local level.

• 100,000 STRONG Climate Champions Program to engage young activists across all UN States by 2030: with an annual Maurice Strong Global Youth Summit, on Climate Friendly Travel, starting in April 2021 in Canada, Malta & Thailand.

• Announced our new organization and its “Plan For Our Kids” in Malta: Brussels (in the European Parliament): London (at World Travel Market) & New York (During UN Sec. General’s Climate Action Summit).

• Issued, with WTTC, our first Annual Climate Friendly Travel Ambitions Report for Travel & Tourism in the side-lines of the UN General Assembly (

• Hosted our first Strong Climate Event at the time of the UN Assembly, with attendance from leaders in the sector, as well as in the broader environment movement

• Launched Strong Climate Champions Programs in Cambodia & Indonesia with the EXO Travel Foundation; in Crete with Hania Hotels Association; in Guyana with the National Tourism Administration: and starting soon in Canada with Ingle International. These are prototypes for our plan for 100,000 smart young climate crisis activists, across all UN States by 2030, to help companies and communities transform.

• Partnered with Les Roches in Crans Montana, to inject Climate Friendly Travel into their community focused Environment Festival with a focus on schools.

• Agreed to create a global Climate Neutral 2050 Registry for Travel & Tourism Companies & Communities, linked to the UNFCCC NAZCA Register.

• Hosted the first Climate Friendly Travel Think Tank in Malta, February 2020. This will help strengthen global research / development frameworks, as well as improve links between concept, planning and transformation trajectories.

• Proposed a Climate Neutral 2050 Moon-shot for aviation, as a primary driver of Travel & Tourism - given its increasingly isolated reliance on fossil fuel propulsion.

One or two success stories achieved Climate Friendly Travel is beginning to be supported by major industry organisations such as The World Travel & Tourism Council who are an SDG-17 Partner of SUNx Malta and a key partner in our Climate Neutral 2050 Ambitions Registry and annual Climate Friendly Travel Report.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres has issued a policy brief on the pivotal role of Tourism, in a post COVID 19 recovery and importantly he specifically called for “Climate Friendly Travel” from this vital socio-economic sector, The Secretary General is right, the climate crisis is existential, and scientists tell us we have less than a decade to put our carbon emission house in order.

Monitoring and Impacts

Sustainable Development Impact:
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Function of initiative
Activity of initiative
Comments on indicators and goals
How will goals be achieved
Have you changed or strenghtened your goals
Progress towards the goals
How are you tracking progress of your initiative
Available reporting


Participants Number Names
Members 12  
Companies 12 Exo Foundation (Cambodia),Ingle International (Canada),The Ground_Up Project (Switzerland),Emerging World (UK),International Coalition of Tourism Partners - ICTP (USA),Green Growth 2050 (Australia),Green Earth (Belgium),SUN ARK (Poland),Earth Changers (UK),Leading Culture Destination Awards (UK)
Business organisations 0 The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC),  The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA)
Research and educational organisations 0 Les Roches Global Hospitality Education,  t-Forum,  Earth Focus Foundation
Non-governmental organisations 0 China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, (USA),  Nationaalpark Hoge Kempen (Belgium)
National states 0 The Government of Malta
Governmental actors 0 Malta Tourism Authority
Regional / state / county actors 0
City / municipal actors 0
Intergovernmental organisations 0
Financial Institutions 0
Other members 0
Supporting partners 0
Number of members in the years
Have only national states as participators No


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