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  • |Description=WACA supports West Africa countries’ effort to improve the management of their shared coastal resources and reduce the natural and man-made risks Protected people and natural assets: 3,600 households with increased resilience to erosion and flooding (Benin)
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  • on methane emissions from all sources at both operated and non-operated assets across the oil and gas supply chain at the highest level of accuracy and gr ...014, three international investor groups representing over $20 trillion in assets issued a joint statement calling on companies to join the CCAC Oil & Gas Me
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  • ...hrough a combination of four risk management strategies: improved resource management through asset creation (risk reduction); insurance (risk transfer); livelih |Description=The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative (R4) is a comprehensive risk management approach to help communities be more resilient to climate variability and s
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  • ...nce across the humanitarian-development continuum to apply integrated risk management approaches to build national and community-level resilience. ...te financing towards activities aligned with national plans and priorities under the UNFCCC.
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  • ...vative tools and technologies that smallholders are using to protect their assets from greater climate variability. ...cision-making processes; and improving technologies for the governance and management of climate-sensitive natural resources;
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  • ...(CalPERS), HSBC Global Asset Management, Ircantec and Manulife Investment Management. OnTwitter: @ActOnClimate100. ...han 400 investors with more than $35 trillion in assets collectively under management are engaging companies on improving governance, curbing emissions and stren
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  • Environment Agency Pension Fund (United Kingdom), Erste Asset Management (Austria), Etherington Family Super Fund (Australia), Figure 8 Investment S Fund (Australia), Hromas Super Fund (Australia), Hunter Hall Investment Management (Australia), Ircantec (France), Jacobs Robinson Super Fund (Australia),
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  • ...TPi efforts could deliver 65% of the emissions reductions needed to remain under the 2°C limit while channeling $5-10 trillion of investment toward low car CRH India Management Services (India),
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  • |Secretariat=Cognisant of the network, outreach, and assets of Faith-based Communities globally, The UN Environment Programme launched 2. Green faith-based organizations’ investments and assets to support the implementation of SDGs; and
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  • ...ludes over 175 institutional investors, managing more than $29 trillion in assets, advancing leading investment practices, corporate engagement strategies, a Arabesque Asset Management (United K.),
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  • ...porting Institutions Assembly consists of all financial institutions whose management has publically confirmed its support for the Climate Action in Financial In ...ecognizing that there may be many more examples of “emerging practice” under some voluntary Principles than others, Supporting Institutions expressed a
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  • ...ion Fund - UNJSPF (USA), Univest Company (Netherlands), Wespath Investment Management (USA), Zurich Insurance Group (Switzerland). ...SD 2 trillion in assets to 46 members with approximately USD 7 trillion in assets. In addition, this is the only finance sector Alliance through which member
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  • ...g, in alignment with the low-carbon economy, USD trillions of assets under management (AUM); only if a critical mass is reached will portfolio decarbonization am Church Of Sweden Asset Management (Sweden),
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