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  • ...derived from abundant untapped renewable resources could bring substantial development gains. ...derived from abundant untapped renewable resources could bring substantial development gains.
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  • ...ther across all sectors of the economy to deliver up to 30% of the climate solutions needed by 2030. - Food Loss & Waste: Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3 calls for halving per capita global food waste at the reta
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  • |Type of lead organisation=Network/Consortium/Partnership Developing new, more sustainable energy solutions;
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  • ...countries to share their difficulties and then find solutions through the network of the megacities. ...nd information tools, including a website; and iv) creating and managing a network of stakeholders interested in the Platform. The working group and the suppo
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  • ...networks and develop synergies with them and supplement their efforts in a sustainable and focused manner. countries in the identification of national opportunities to accelerate development and deployment of existing clean solar energy technologies, the potential f
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  • ...ovations, promote interdisciplinary dialogue and spark debates to generate solutions across the entire value chain, “from field to fork”. This initiative ha ...terprises to steer demand and consumer behaviour better and to choose more sustainable production methods.
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  • ...n Disclosure Project) Water, WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) Water and the French company SUEZ. ...the CEO Water Mandate, CDP, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) on behalf of the companies who sign its declaration.
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  • ...d global action to promote climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions. (4) Building a network across sustainable development, social protection, disaster risk reduction, climate services and climate c
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  • ...ncluding decisions related to its mission, programmatic focus, growth, and development. The day-to-day work is led by a Team of professionals, |Type of lead organisation=Network/Consortium/Partnership
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  • ...Forest Peoples Programme, Greenpeace, Musim Mas Group, Rainforest Action Network, and WWF. The Organising Comittee manages membership approval, suspension a a credible and verifiable benchmark that builds upon the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and creating and promoting innovations. Founded in 2013, t
    12 KB (1,720 words) - 09:52, 25 July 2019
  • |Type of lead organisation=Network/Consortium/Partnership ...ers, city networks looking at resilience and climate change, combined with development partners, foundations,
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  • ...pen forum for knowledge transfer and support for the take-up of e-mobility solutions around the world. It will initiate a process of dialogue and continue to ga ..., distributors, renewables) pledge that in pursing the goal of sustainable development, with particular reference to transport and mobility, they will strive to i
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  • ...obal Alliance (EEGA), and as such is responsible for developing the tools, network, and momentum to scale up energy efficiency policies and investment worldwi |Type of lead organisation=Network/Consortium/Partnership
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  • |Secretariat=International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Via Paolo di Dono 44, 00142 Rome, Italy, Tel: +39 06 5459 2282, e-m ...US $9.5 million – to the ASAP Trust Fund, and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), with a contribution of SEK60million – equivalent to US $5.
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  • ...cretary-General’s Special Representative [hyperlink to SGSR/CE page] for Sustainable Energy for All, is chief executive of the initiative and is supported by a ...stems (EnMS ) in Industry. At the same time it will create a collaborative network with NGOs and other international organizations to provide industry with to
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  • |Name of initiative=Green Freight Asia Network (GFAN) |Name of lead organisation=Green Freight Asia Network (GFAN)
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  • ...tious cities that have achieved excellent results in certain dimensions of sustainable mobility, and that strive to reach similar results in other EcoMobility fie ...mobility patterns, aiming to reduce automobile dependency and become more sustainable, low-carbon and people-centered.
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  • ...ion and Technology (EIT). The EIT is an EU body whose mission is to create sustainable growth. Climate-KIC supports this mission by addressing climate change miti Urban Transitions; Production Systems; Metrics & Finance and Sustainable Land Use
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  • |Type of lead organisation=Network/Consortium/Partnership ...eforestation. -Provide expertise and knowledge in order to assist with the development of commodity and processed-commodity markets that promote the conservation
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  • |Secretariat=Focal Point: Charlotte Boulanger (FMDV - Global Fund for Cities Development) ...or LMRGs empowerment and capacity-building on financing and local economic development;
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