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  • ...tary guidelines—while avoiding food waste—we can alleviate pressure on natural habitats and climate. 2. Sequester 1 gigaton of carbon each year in forests, soil and other natural and working lands by:
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  • Environmental Defense Fund (USA), International Council on Clean Transportation - ICCT (USA),
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  • Group consists of representatives from: Canada, USA, The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), Smart Freight Centre and Clean Air Asia Knowledge development: The following resources have been completed by the initiative:
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  • ...gramme, International Copper Association, CLASP, Natural Resources Defence Council ...Global Efficient Lighting Centre, Carbon Trust, Natural Resources Defense Council, CLASP, GIZ, IIEC, TOP TEN, ASHRAE, ECREEE, EACREEE, RCREEE, Global Climate
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  • American Chemistry Council (USA), Natural Resources Defense Council - NRDC (USA),
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  • ...ductivity of food, feed, fiber and energy, and ensure the integrity of our natural resource base. Environmental Defense Fund (USA),
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  • ...pital Partners (Netherlands), General Mills (United Kingdom), Golden-Agri Resources (Singapore), Golden Veroleum Liberia - GVL (Liberia), Groupo Exito (Colombi ...(USA), World Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF (Kenya), World bank (USA), World Resources Institute (USA), World Wide Fund for Nature (USA), Zoological Society of Lo
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  • |Secretariat=World Resources Institute (WRI): ...zations and businesses. Global management is coordinated through the World Resources Institute, which is also the executing agency for the GEF grant administere
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  • |Secretariat=Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) ...y Design is a green fashion initiative under the Natural Resources Defense Council that aims to use the buying power of multinational corporations as a lever
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  • Global Green Freight Action Plan – Canada, USA, The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), Smart Freight Centre, Clean Air Asia, UNEP, ...– Lead partners are USA, United Kingdom, Norway, UNEP and Environmental Defense Fund; Company partners are: BP, Eni, Pemex, PTT, Repsol, Southwestern, Stat
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  • ...(France), Suncor Energy (Canada), Tata Group (India), TD Bank (USA), Teck Resources (Canada), TELUS (USA), The Carbon Trust (United Kingdom), The Co-operators ...- WBCSD (USA), We Mean Business (USA), World Economic Forum (USA), World Resources Institute (USA), World Wildlife Fund (USA), Yale University (USA).
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