MobiliseYourCity Partnership


Name of initiative MobiliseYourCity Partnership
LPAA initiative Yes
NAZCA Initiative Yes
Website address
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Starting year 2015
End year
Secretariat MobiliseYourCity Secretariat, Rue du Commerce 123, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Email: Tel: +49 151 1575 4642; Markus Delfts, e-mail:

Organisational structure Founding partners: ADEME, AFD, CEREMA, CODATU, GIZ
Geographical coverage Global
Name of lead organisation ADEME, AFD, Cerema, CODATU, GIZ
Type of lead organisation Network/Consortium/Partnership
Location/Nationality of lead organisation Belgium


Description MobiliseYourCity is a multi-donor action, jointly co-financed by the European Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity (MTES), the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). The initiative is implemented by its founding partners ADEME, AFD, CEREMA, CODATU, and GIZ.
Objectives Engage at least 100 cities in the elaboration or revision of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and 20 countries in the elaboration of a National Urban Mobility Policies and Investment Programs (NUMPs).
Activities Capacity building:

• Trainings and workshops conducted in Afrika, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe; • Workshops conducted along with international events, such as the European Development Days in Brussels, European Transport Week, Climate Chance and the COP22/23. • Beneficiary partners provided with knowledge content (training programs, methodological guides, webinars, etc.) Knowledge development: • Commencement of technical assistance with beneficiary partners in Cameroun, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco and the Philippines; continuation of activities with current beneficiary partners. Monitoring and reporting: • Definition of the MobiliseYourCity monitoring & evaluation (M&E) framework; use of the MobiliseYourCity M&E framework; • Publication of the MobiliseYourCity first annual report (2017) scheduled for 2/2018.

One or two success stories achieved

Monitoring and Impacts

Function of initiative Capacity building, Technical dialogue, Political dialogue, Implementation, Funding
Activity of initiative Policy planning and recommendations, Knowledge dissemination and exchange, Norms and standard setting, Awareness raising and outreach, Goal setting (ex-ante), Technical operational implementation (ex-post), Training and education, Fundraising
Fundraising — Funds raised
Value (MUS$)2560
Comments on indicators and goals Financial budget end of 2017: approx. EUR 25M secured; intended 2020: EUR 50-70M

Funding confirmed from DG DEVCO (EU), France (MEEM/FFEM) and Germany (BMUB); additional donors sought.

How will goals be achieved
Have you changed or strenghtened your goals
Progress towards the goals In 2016, MobiliseYourCity plans to raise 20 to 30 million Euros and work with three cities in India as well as in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, and Cameroon to assess the initiative in these countries.

Elaboration of the methodological framework for cities and countries. Presentation of the initiative in Nantes (Climate Chance) and Quito (Habitat III). 23 cities already expressed interest. MobiliseDays (Workshops) organized in Cameroon and Morocco. Tunisia, Senegal, India and other countries to follow in 2017.

How are you tracking progress of your initiative Indicators:

Number of countries involved Number of city applications received Vs accepted Number of national workshops held Fundraising target New partners involved per type On the mid term: Number of SUMPs / NUMPs elaborated % of CO2 emission reduction envisaged per SUMP Effective CO2 emission reduction achieved per SUMP after elaboration and implementation of the action plan compared to initial ambition

Available reporting


Participants Number Names
Members 20  
Companies 0
Business organisations 0
Research and educational organisations 1 ITDP (USA)
Non-governmental organisations 0
National states 12 France,  Germany,  India,  Morocco,  Ethiopia,  Dominican Republic,  Cameroon,  Philippines,  Sri Lanka,  Togo,  Tunisia,  Senegal
Governmental actors 5 ADEME (France),  AFD (French Development Agency),  CEREMA - French Centre for Study and Expertise on Risks Environment Mobility and Urban and Country Planning (France),  CODATU - Cooperation for urban mobility in the developing world (France),  GIZ (Germany).
Regional / state / county actors 0
City / municipal actors 0
Intergovernmental organisations 2 UN-HABITAT (Kenya),  UCLG (Spain).
Financial Institutions 0
Faith based organisations 0
Other members 0
Supporting partners 4 European Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development - DG DEVCO (Belgium),  the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity - MTES (France),  the French Facility for Global Environment - FFEM (France),  the German Federal Ministry for the Environment - Nature Conservation - Building and Nuclear Safety - BMUB (Germany).
Number of members in the years
Have only national states as participators No


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