Impacts of ICIs

'The section "Monitoring and Reporting" has been totally changed into a complete Monitoring Framework:' 'For each ICI the user can choose to use 5 monitoring Functions, ' 'For each Function a number of Activities can be chosen, and ' 'For each Activity a number of Indicators can be chosen.'

'All the possible Functions, Activities, and Indicators can be seen in the following document: ' New_Monitoring_Framework_in_CIP.docx

Based of the information in the ICIs covering cities and regions we regularly update our new Pipeline: 'Cities and Regions Pledges Pipeline' available at It is an enlargement of the NDC&Pledgepipeline, including information on GHG reduction commitments from 1984 cities and 284 regions. The analysis in this Pipeline shows that 60% of the GHG reduction commitments (about 1 GtCO2 eq.) in cities and regions worldwide is additional to the 2020 pledges from countries.

Later we will publish tables, graphs and information about the impacts of International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs).

Below we have listed a number of reports and articles about ICIs:

"CIP flyer"

'International Climate Initiatives - A way forward to close the emissions gap?' has been published at:

'Covenant of Mayors: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Achievements and Projections 2016' has been published at:

'The Compact of States and Regions - 2016 Disclosure Report' has been published at:

'The Emissions Gap Report 2016, A UNEP Synthesis Report, November 2016', download at:

'Aligning Transnational Climate Action with International Climate Governance: The Road from Paris', by Sander Chan, Clara Brandi, and Steffen Bauer, 27. June 2016 , download at:

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