Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA)


Name of initiative Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA)
LPAA initiative No
NAZCA Initiative No
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Starting year 2016
End year
Organisational structure The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA) has in 2019 entered into a partnership with the International Office for Water (IOWater), a France-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving global water resource management.
Geographical coverage Global
Name of lead organisation IOWater
Type of lead organisation Other intergovernmental organization
Location/Nationality of lead organisation France


Description The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA) brings together key stakeholders from the energy and desalination industries, water utilities, governments, financing institutions, academia and R&D with the goal to reduce CO2 emissions from existing water desalination plants and to scale up the use of clean desalination technologies through coordinated actions.

The Alliance aims to reduce CO2 emissions from water desalination by promoting and leading the implementation of activities that: Power new water desalination plants by clean energy sources; Replace fossil fuel based energy sources of existing water desalination plants with clean energy sources; Retrofit existing water desalination plants with more energy efficient technologies; and Attract investments in the water desalination sector for CO2 emission reduction purposes. IOWater is a non-profit organisation involved in capacity building for better water management worldwide. The organisation’s expertise covers the entire water cycle, from the management of water and sanitation services to resource management, via training, technical assistance, data management activities, or the facilitation of global networks. ​

Objectives The GCWDA aims to reconcile the equally urgent needs to address several sustainable development goals including access to clean water, innovation and economic growth with the urgency of containing global warming.
Activities The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA) implements projects in four work streams:​

Work stream 1: Mapping and assessing potential markets for clean energy powered desalination.

Work stream 2: Promoting Energy efficiency, system integration and demand response.

Work stream 3: Research, development and demonstration.

Work stream 4: Education, training and outreach.

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Monitoring and Impacts

Function of initiative Technical dialogue
Activity of initiative Knowledge dissemination and exchange, Knowledge production and innovation
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Participants Number Names
Members 144  
Companies 4 Atoll Energy (France),ENGIE (France),Belgium ENGIE Labs Laborelec R&D (Belgium),Belgium BESIX SA Industry (Belgium)
Business organisations 33 Australia National Centre of Excellence in Desalination R&D (Australia),  Australia Isle Utilities Industry (Australia),  Australia Water Corporation Industry (Australia),  Veolia Water (France),  Mascara NT (France),  Suez Degrémont (France)

Veolia/SIDEM SA (France),  Veolia Middle East (France),  Suez (France),  ENGIE (France),  Demeter (France),  DV Consulting (France),  Terrawatt Initiative Intl. (France),  QiDO Energy Development GmbH (Germany),  Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Germany),  Consolidated Contractors Company CCC (Greece),  SYCHEM Advanced Water Technologies (Greece),  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre - BARC (India),  Empereal (India),  Suez Supreme Energy Co- Geothermal (Indonesia),  United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP (Kenya),  UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education (France),  IRENA (United Arab Emirates),  IDE Technologies Industry (Israel),  Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Israel),  Fascia Italimpianti (Italy),  Termomeccanica Pompe (Italy),  United4Water Consultants (Italy),  ILF Consulting Engineers (Italy),  Italmatch Chemicals (Italy),  Toray Industries Inc. (Japan),  Japan desalination Association (Japan) TOYOBO Co. (Japan).

Research and educational organisations 2 Agricultural University of Athens (Greece),  University of Calabria (Italy).
Non-governmental organisations 0
National states 8 Chile Ministry of Energy Governmental (Chile),  China Harbin ROPV Industry Development Center (China),  Tianjin Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization (China),  China Ministry of Land and Resources (China),  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Comoros (Comoros),  Électricité de France - EDF (France),  EDF Energies Nouvelles (France),  French Government Administration (France).
Governmental actors 4 Cyprus Ministry of Energy (Cyprus),  Urban Development,  Housing and Environment (Fiji),  Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport Governmental (Fiji),  Department of Water and Sewerage (Fiji).
Regional / state / county actors 0
City / municipal actors 0
Intergovernmental organisations 0
Financial Institutions 1 African Development Bank (Ivory Coast).
Faith based organisations 0
Other members 92 Ministry of Environment (Jordan),  National Council for Science and Technology (Kenya),  Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology - GIST (China),  Korea Desalination Plant Association (South Korea),  International Desalination Organization (South Korea),  Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (South Korea),  Global MVP center (South Korea),  K-Water (South Korea),  Ministry of Environment and Energy Governmental (Maldives),  BMCE Bank Finance (Morocco),  Masen (Morocco),  Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable (Morocco),  Elemental Water Makers (Netherlands),  Works and Public Utilities (St Kitts and Nevis),  Pakistan Desalination Association (Pakistan),  Palau Energy Office (Palau),  Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Qatar),  AlSuwaiket & AlBusaies (Saudi Arabia),  ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia),  National Power Company (Saudi Arabia),  King Saud University (Saudi Arabia),  Moya Bushnak (Saudi Arabia),  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia),  Advanced Water Technology (Saudi Arabia),  Public Utilities Board (Singapore),  Hyflux/Singapore Water Association SWA (Singapore),  Nanyang Technological University (Singapore),  Solar Bankers (Singapore),  Turnkey Water Solutions (South Africa),  Dow Chemical Ibérica (Spain),  Abengoa Industry (Spain),  Aqualia Gruppo FCC (Spain),  ACCIONA Agua (Spain),  Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Spanish embassy in UAE (Spain),  Abengoa Water Industry (Spain),  Spanish Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environment (Spain),  Sacyr Environment (USA),  Lund University (Sweden),  Waterpreneurs (Switzerland),  Ministry of Mines and Energy (Togo),  Middle East Solar Industry Association (United Arab Emirates),  Metito Overseas Ltd (United Arab Emirates),  Future Pipe Industries (United Arab Emirates),  Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (United Arab Emirates),  ILF Consulting Engineers (United Arab Emirates),  BESIX Sanotec (United Arab Emirates),  Masdar (United Arab Emirates),  Executive Affairs Authority (United Arab Emirates),  ACWA Power (United Arab Emirates),  Executive Affairs Authority (United Arab Emirates),  ILF Consulting Engineers (United Arab Emirates),  Masdar Institute (United Arab Emirates),  Habtoor Leighton Specon (United Arab Emirates),  Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (United Arab Emirates),  Mott MacDonald (United Arab Emirates),  Ministry of Energy & Water (United Arab Emirates),  Masdar Institute (United Arab Emirates),  Mott MacDonald Industry (USA),  DEWA (United Arab Emirates),  Middle East Solar Industry Association (United Arab Emirates),  First solar (United Arab Emirates),  Union of Community Development Volunteers (Uganda),  Genesys International Limited - European Desalination Society (United Kingdom),  Composium Group (United Kingdom),  Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom),  Swansea University (United Kingdom),  Aora Solar (United Kingdom),  IDA Desalination Academy - Leading Edge Technology (USA),  International Desalination Association Intl. Organization (USA),  Avista Technologies,  Inc. (USA),  The Renewables 100 Policy Institute Intl. (USA),  University of Pennsylvania (USA),  Columbia University (USA),  MIT (USA),  Energy Recovery Inc. (USA),  Liberation Capital LLC / New England Water Innovation Network (USA),  H2OProfessionals (USA),  Desalitech (USA),  Consolidated Contractors Company CCC (USA),  American Membrane Technology Association (USA),  Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  Department of Mechanical Engineering (USA),  Trevi Systems (USA),  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA),  Veolia Water Technologies (USA),  Oasys Water (USA),  National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA),  Citigroup Capital Markets (USA),  247Solar (USA),  Sephton Water Technology (USA),  Rivers Consulting Services INC (USA),  Water Globe Consulting (USA),  World Climate Change Challenge LLC (Vietnam).
Supporting partners 0
Number of members in the years
Have only national states as participators No


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