Divest-Invest Global Movement


Name of initiative DivestInvest
LPAA initiative Yes
NAZCA Initiative Yes
Website address http://divestinvest.org/
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Starting year 2014
End year
Secretariat Clara Vondrich, Global Director, Divest-Invest Philanhtropy, clara@divestinvest.org

Tom Harrison, edi@sfct.org.uk

Organisational structure
Geographical coverage Global
Name of lead organisation DivestInvest Global Movement
Type of lead organisation NGO/Civil Society
Location/Nationality of lead organisation United States of America


Description DivestInvest is a diverse, global network of individuals and organizations united in the belief that by using our collective influence as investors to divest from fossil fuels, and invest in climate solutions, we can accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. In this way, we are supporting the agreement made by governments in Paris at COP21 and protecting our own investment returns.

In addition to shifting their own capital, some investors and investment advisers now provide additional support to help others make this important shift.

Objectives First, to accelerate the energy transition and support the delivery of the Paris Agreement by shifting the trillions of dollars away from fossil fuel energy to sustainable energy and other climate solutions. In line with the UN’s analysis, our target is for $12 trillion to be moved by 2040.

Second, to embolden politicians to take stronger action on climate change.

Activities DivestInvest involves investors shifting capital out of fossil fuels and towards climate solutions.

DivestInvest also provides support for new investors to make the shift. Primarily through resources online and peer to peer engagement.

One or two success stories achieved

Monitoring and Impacts

Sustainable Development Impact:
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Function of initiative Funding, Political dialogue
Activity of initiative Awareness raising and outreach, Fundraising, Policy planning and recommendations
Goals In line with the UN’s analysis, our target is for $12 trillion to be moved by 2040.
Comments on indicators and goals
How will goals be achieved
Have you changed or strenghtened your goals
Progress towards the goals As of May 2018, The DivestInvest initiative has seen over 800 organisations, with more than $6 trillion Assets Under management (AUM) commit to shift capital away from fossil fuel companies.

Investors with $1.3 trillion have made explicit committments to invest additional capital into climate solutions. We aspire to track the amount of assets under management by organisations which have committed to DivestInvest; the amount of assets taken out of fossil fuels; and the amount of assets committed to invest in climate change solutions Stakeholders committed: Increase from 50 in 2014 to 852 in 2017. Investors with $1.3 trillion have made explicit committments to invest additional capital into climate solutions.

How are you tracking progress of your initiative We aspire to track the amount of assets under management by organisations which have committed to DivestInvest; the amount of assets taken out of fossil fuels; and the amount of assets committed to invest in climate change solutions
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Participants Number Names
Members 1095  
Companies 14 Able Farms (USA),Aestus Inc (USA),Ben & Jerry's (USA),Bioregional (United K.),Eighty2degrees LLC (USA),Greenwave Investments (France),Kabi Solar (USA),Larry R. Williams (USA),Projectheureka LLC. -Green-Diversity (USA),SCS Energy Consulting (Australia),Sterns & Walker (USA),SunCommon (USA),Synergie Solaire (France),Tri-US Entertainment (USA).
Business organisations 0
Research and educational organisations 133 Aston University (United Kingdom),  Australian Academy of Science (Australia),  Australian National University (Australia),  Birmingham City University (United Kingdom),  Boston University (USA),  Bournemouth University (United Kingdom),  Brandeis University (USA),  Brevard College (USA),  Buckinghamshire New University (United Kingdom),  California Academy of Sciences (USA),  California Institute of the Arts (USA),  Cardiff Metropolitan University (United Kingdom),  Cardiff University (United Kingdom),  Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden),  Chico State University (USA),  College of the Atlantic (USA),  Columbia University in the City of New York (USA),  Cranfield University (United Kingdom),  De Montfort University (United Kingdom),  Durham University (United Kingdom),  Emmanuel College Cambridge (United Kingdom),  George School (USA),  Georgetown University (USA),  Glasgow Caledonian University (United Kingdom),  Goddard College (USA),  Goldsmiths University of London (United Kingdom),  Hampshire College (USA),  Herriot-Watt University (United Kingdom),  Humboldt State University (USA),  Johns Hopkins University (USA),  King's College London (United Kingdom),  La Trobe University (Australia),  Laval University (Canada),  London Metropolitan University (United Kingdom),  London School of Economics (United Kingdom),  London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (United Kingdom),  Loughborough University (United Kingdom),  lta Community College District (USA),  Lund University (Sweden),  Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom),  Middlebury College (USA),  Monash University (Australia),  Naropa University (USA),  National University of Ireland Galway (Ireland),  Newcastle University (United Kingdom),  Northland College (USA),  Northumbria University (United Kingdom),  Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom),  Oregon State University (USA),  Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom),  Oxford University (United Kingdom),  Peralta Community College District (USA),  Peterhouse College Cambridge (United Kingdom),  Pitzer College (USA),  Queen Mary University London (United Kingdom),  Queens College Cambridge (United Kingdom),  Queens University Belfast (Ireland),  Queensland University of Technology (Australia),  Rhode Island School of Design (USA),  Salem State University (USA),  San Francisco State University Foundation (USA),  Seattle University (USA),  Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom),  SOAS University of London (United Kingdom),  Southampton Solent University (United Kingdom),  St Hildas College Oxford (United Kingdom),  Stanford University (USA),  Sterling College (USA),  Stockholm University (Sweden),  Swansea University (United Kingdom),  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden),  Swinburne University (Australia),  Syracuse University (USA),  The New School (USA),  Trinity College Dublin The University of Dublin (Ireland),  Unity College (USA),  University of Oregon Foundation (USA),  Université du Quebec à Montreal (Canada),  University College London (United Kingdom),  University for the Creative Arts (United Kingdom),  University of Abertay Dundee (United Kingdom),  University of Arts Bournemouth (United Kingdom),  University of Bath (United Kingdom),  University of Bedfordshire (United Kingdom),  University of Bristol (United Kingdom),  University of California (USA),  University of Cambridge (United Kingdom),  University of Chester (United Kingdom),  University of Copenhagen (Denmark),  University of Cumbria (United Kingdom),  University of Dayton (USA),  University of East Anglia (United Kingdom),  University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom),  University of Essex (United Kingdom),  University of Glasgow (United Kingdom),  University of Gloucestershire (United Kingdom),  University of Greenwich (United Kingdom),  University of Hawaii (USA),  University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom),  University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom),  University of Keele (United Kingdom),  University of Kent (United Kingdom),  University of Leeds (United Kingdom),  University of Liège (France),  University of Lincoln (United Kingdom),  University of Liverpool (United Kingdom),  University of Maine System (USA),  University of Maryland (USA),  University of Massachusetts Foundation (USA),  University of Munster (Germany),  University of Nottingham (United Kingdom),  University of Otago (New Zealand),  University of Otago Foundation Trust (New Zealand),  University of Ottawa (Canada),  University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom),  University of Puget Sound (USA),  University of Reading (United Kingdom),  University of Sheffield (United Kingdom),  University of Southampton (United Kingdom),  University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom),  University of Stirling (United Kingdom),  University of Surrey (United Kingdom),  University of Sussex (United Kingdom),  University of Sydney (Australia),  University of the Arts London (United Kingdom),  University of the West of Scotland (United Kingdom),  University of Ulster (United Kingdom),  University of Wales Trinity Saint David (United Kingdom),  University of Warwick (United Kingdom),  University of Washington (USA),  University of Westminster (United Kingdom),  University of Winchester (United Kingdom),  University of Worcester (United Kingdom),  Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand),  Wadham College Oxford (United Kingdom),  Western Oregon University (USA).
Non-governmental organisations 581 350.org (USA),  350.org Australia (Australia),  Abramowitz-Silverman Fund (USA),  Acacia Inversion (Tanzania),  Access Strategies Fund (USA),  Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (Belgium),  Afrikind International Foundation Inc (USA),  All Hallows Church Leeds (United Kingdom),  All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (USA),  American Ethical Union (USA),  Amnesty International (United Kingdom),  Anglia Ruskin (United Kingdom),  Anglican Church of Aotearoa (New Zealand),  Anglican Church of Southern Africa (South Africa),  Anglican Diocese of Auckland (New Zealand),  Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn (Australia),  Anglican Diocese of Dunedin (New Zealand),  Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (Australia),  Anglican Diocese of Montreal (Canada),  Anglican Diocese of Perth (Australia),  Anglican Diocese of Quebec (Canada),  Anglican Diocese of Waiapu (New Zealand),  Anglican Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki (New Zealand),  Anglican Diocese of Wellington (New Zealand),  Anglican Diocese of Ottawa (Canada),  Arca Foundation (USA),  Archdiocese of Malta (Malta),  Archdiocese of Palermo (Italy),  Archdiocese of Suva (Fiji),  Archdiocese of Vercelli (Italy),  Aria Foundation (USA),  Arkay Foundation (USA),  Artist caring environementally/Artist Against Fracking (Canada),  Ashden Trust (United Kingdom),  Australasian Performing Right Association (Australia),  Australia Institute (Australia),  Australian Communities Foundation (Australia),  Australian Guild of Screen Composers (Australia),  Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (Australia),  Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera (Austria),  Barnegat Monthly Meeting (USA),  Bathurst Street United Church (Canada),  Ben & Jerry's Foundation (USA),  Besen Family Foundation (Australia),  Bethel United Church of Christ Waterford Michagan (USA),  Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation (USA),  Bewegungsstiftung (Germany),  Bioregional (United Kingdom),  Blue Planet Foundation (USA),  The Blumenthal Foundation (USA),  Both ENDS Foundation (Netherlands),  Brighthelm Church and Community Centre (United Kingdom),  British Medical Association (United Kingdom),  The Bullitt Foundation (USA),  Bush Hill Park United Reformed Church,  Enfield (United Kingdom),  Canadian Medical Association (Canada),  Canadian Unitarian Council (Canada),  Canterbury Christ Church University (United Kingdom),  Caritas India (India),  Caritas Philippines (Philippines),  Caroline & Sigmund Schott Fund (USA),  Catherine Donnelly Foundation (Canada),  CCFD - Terre Solidaire (France),  Center for International Environmental Law (USA),  Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (USA),  Chester Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (USA),  Chicago Medical Society (USA),  Children's Investment Fund Foundation (United Kingdom),  Chino Cienega Foundation (USA),  Chorus Foundation (USA),  Christensen Foundation (USA),  Church in Wales (United Kingdom),  Church of England (United Kingdom),  Church of Scotland (United Kingdom),  Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew (USA),  Church of Sweden (Sweden),  Church of the Covenant Presbytery of Boston (USA),  Church of the Redeemer Diocese of Newark NJ (USA),  Church Women United in New York State (USA),  Citizens for Public Justice (Canada),  Clare Hall Cambridge (United Kingdom),  Clean Water Action (USA),  Climate Action Network Australia (Australia),  Colorado Ratnashri Sangha (USA),  Comart Foundation (Canada),  Community Environmental Council (USA),  Community Friends Quaker Meeting in Cincinnati (USA),  Community Impact Foundation (Australia),  Compton Foundation (USA),  Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (USA),  Council of Progressive Rabbis of Australia Asia and New Zealand (Australia),  Cutler Trust (United Kingdom),  David Suzuki Foundation (Canada),  De Anza Community College (USA),  Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation (South Africa),  Diakonia (Sweden),  Diocese of the Holy Spirit of Umuarama (Brazil),  DKM Darlehnskasse Münster eG (Germany),  Doctors for the Environment (Australia),  Dover Friends Meeting (USA),  The Earth Welfare Foundation (USA),  Earthjustice (USA),  Earthsong (Australia),  Eastminster United Church

(Canada),  Eastside Audobon Society (USA),  Ecotrust (USA),  Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (USA),  Edward W. Hazen Foundation (USA),  Edwards Mother Earth Foundation (USA),  English Family Foundation (Australia),  Environment America (USA),  Environment Governance Institute (Uganda),  Environmental and Energy Study Institute - EESI (USA),  Episcopal Church (USA),  Episcopal City Mission Boston Massachusetts (USA),  Episcopal Conference of Austria (Austria),  Episcopal Diocese of California (USA),  Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles (USA),  Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts (USA),  Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska (USA),  Episcopal Diocese of Olympia (USA),  Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts (USA),  ESF College Foundation Inc. (USA),  Estwatch (Estonia),  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (USA),  Evangelical Lutheran Church of Oregon (USA),  Federation of Christian Organisations for the International Voluntary Service (Italy),  Field Museum in Chicago (USA),  First Congregational Church in Amherst MA (USA),  First Parish Church UU MA (USA),  First Parish in Concord UU MA (USA),  First Parish in Hingham Unitarian Universalist - Old Ship Church MA (USA),  First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Cambridge (USA),  First Presbyterian Church Tallahassee FL (USA),  First Presbyterian Palo Alto CA (USA),  First Religious Society of Newburyport MA (USA),  First Unitarian Church of Des Moines (USA),  First Unitarian Church of Pittsfield (USA),  First Unitarian Church of Portland OR (USA),  First Unitarian Church of Rochester NY (USA),  First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City (USA),  First Unitarian Church of Victoria (Canada),  First Unitarian Church Ottawa ON (Canada),  First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee WI (USA),  First Unitarian Toronto (Canada),  Follen Community Church UU MA (USA),  Fondacion eco Conciencia (Argentina),  Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer (France),  Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso (France),  Fondation Ensemble (France),  Fondation Nicolas Hulot Pour La Nature Et L'Homme (France),  Footprint Foundation (USA),  Forsythia Foundation (USA),  Foundation for Business and Society (Norway),  The Foundation of America (USA),  Franciscan Friars TOR Society (Bangladesh),  Franciscan Sisters of Mary (USA),  Frederick Mulder Foundation (United Kingdom),  Friends of the Earth (USA),  Friends World Committee for Consultation (United Kingdom),  Fund for Democratic Communities (USA),  Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maine (USA),  Garfield Foundation (USA),  General Service Foundation (USA),  Global Greengrants Fund (USA),  GLS Treuhand (Germany),  Goldman Environmental Foundation (USA),  Graeme Wood Foundation (Australia),  Granary Foundation (USA),  Great Old Broads for Wilderness (USA),  Green Mountain College (USA),  Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal),  Gunderson Lutheran Health System (USA),  Hancock United Church of Christ Lexington Massachusetts (USA),  Hanley Foundation (USA),  Haverford Friends Meeting (USA),  Health Care Without Harm (USA),  Hidden Leaf Foundation (USA),  Huddersfield Quakers (United Kingdom),  Hull Family Foundation (USA),  The Hunt Foundation (USA),  Ian Somerhalder Foundation (USA),  Il Dialogo (Italy),  Indian Catholic Matters (India),  Indigo Trust (United Kingdom),  Inspire Foundation for Business and Society (Malta),  Institut Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil de Montréal (Canada),  International Living Future Institute (USA),  Irish Catholic Bishops Conference (Ireland),  Islamic Society of North America (USA),  Island Institute (USA),  Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist NY (USA),  Janelia Foundation (USA),  Jena & Michael King Foundation (USA),  Jenifer Altman Foundation (USA),  Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation (USA),  Jesuit Conference of Africa - Justice and Ecology Office (Kenya),  Jim and Patty Rouse Foundation (USA),  JJ Charitable Trust (United Kingdom),  JMG Foundation (United Kingdom),  Joffe Charitable Trust (United Kingdom),  John & Marcia Goldman Foundation (USA),  John Merck Fund (USA),  Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (United Kingdom),  JRS Biodiversity Foundation (USA),  Jubitz Family Foundation (USA),  Jumuiya Women Fund (Kenya),  Kestrelman Trust (United Kingdom),  KL Felicitas (USA),  Kokua Hawaii Foundation (USA),  Konferentie Nederlandse Religieuzen (Netherlands),  KR Foundation (Denmark),  Laird Norton Family Foundation (USA),  Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church (USA),  Lansdowne Monthly Meeting (USA),  Laughing Gull Foundation (USA),  League of Conservation Voters (USA),  Legambiente Reggio Emilia (Italy),  Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting (USA),  Lemelson Foundation (USA),  Lenko Family Foundation (Australia),  Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund (USA),  Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (USA),  Liberty Hill Foundation (USA),  Lookout Foundation (USA),  Lutheran World Federation (Switzerland),  The Lydia B. Stokes Foundation (USA),  Madden Sainsbury Foundation (Australia),  Madirriny Foundation (USA),  Madison Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (USA),  Maine Council of Churches (USA),  Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust (United Kingdom),  Marist Sisters Australia (Australia),  Mark Leonard Trust (United Kingdom),  Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation (USA),  Mary Robinson Foundation (Ireland),  Massachusetts United Church of Christ (USA),  McKenzie River Gathering Foundation (USA),  McKinnon Family Foundation (USA),  McKinnon Family Fund (Australia),  Medford Friends Meeting (USA),  Melbourne Unitarian Church (Australia),  Melton Foundation (USA),  Mennen Foundation (USA),  Merck Family Fund (USA),  Mercy International Association (Ireland),  Methodist Church of Britain (United Kingdom),  Metropolitan New York Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (USA),  Meyer Family Enterprises (USA),  MGR Foundation (USA),  Miami Quarterly Friends Quaker Meeting of Ohio Valley (USA),  Missionary Society of St. Columban (USA),  Mize Family Foundation (USA),  Montreal Quakers (Canada),  Morning Star Foundation (USA),  Mount Holly New Jersey (USA),  Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation (USA),  Mullum Trust (Australia),  National Ethical Service (USA),  National Tertiary Education Union (Australia),  National Trust (United Kingdom),  Natural Resources Defense Council - NDRC (USA),  Net Zero Foundation Inc. (USA),  New England Biolabs Foundation (USA),  New Priorities Foundation (USA),  New Progressive Alliance (USA),  New York Conference of The United Methodist Church (USA),  New York Quarterly Meeting (USA),  New Zealand Nurses Organisation (New Zealand),  Newtown Monthly Quaker Meeting PA (USA),  Nia Community Fund (USA),  Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund (USA),  Noorda Foundation (USA),  Nordic Enterprise (United Kingdom),  Norman Foundation (USA),  North Star Fund (USA),  Northeast Wilderness Trust (USA),  Norway Unitarian Universalist Church Maine (USA),  Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting Society of Friends (USA),  Okeanos Foundation for the Sea (USA),  Old Haverford Monthly Meeting (USA),  Oregon Metro (USA),  Orp Foundation (United Kingdom),  Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance (United Kingdom),  Pace Foundation (USA),  Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church (USA),  Pacific School of Religion (USA),  Panahpur ( United Kingdom),  Park Foundation (USA),  Partnership for Change (Norway),  Pax Fund (USA),  Pazala (USA),  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (USA),  Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (USA),  Pig Shed Trust (United Kingdom),  Pilgrim Lutheran Church St. Paul (USA),  Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation (United Kingdom),  Portsmouth South Church Unitarian Universalist (USA),  Practice Greenhealth (USA),  Pratt Institute (USA),  Prentice Foundation (USA),  Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (New Zealand),  Presbyterian Peace Fellowship NY (USA),  Prescott College (USA),  Presentation Sisters Queensland (Australia),  Presentation Sisters Wagga Wagga (Australia),  Protestant Church Hessen-Nassau (Germany),  Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (South Africa),  Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community (Netherlands),  Quakers in Britain (United Kingdom),  Quakers Religious Society of Friends Australia (Australia),  Quixote Foundation (USA),  R & R Foundation (USA),  Rachel's Network (USA),  Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation (USA),  Redway Community Services District (USA),  Rete Interdiocesana Nuovi Stili di Vita (Italy),  Riverside Church (USA),  Robert Treat Paine Association (USA),  Rockefeller Brothers Fund (USA),  Rockefeller Family Fund (USA),  Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment (USA),  Ross Knowles Foundation (Australia),  Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Australia),  Royal College of Emergency Medicine (United Kingdom),  Royal Society of Arts (United Kingdom),  Rubblestone Foundation (USA),  Rudolph Steiner Foundation (USA),  Russell Family Foundation (USA),  Samuel Rubin Foundation (USA),  Santa Clara Valley Water District (USA),  Santa Fe Art Institute (USA),  Scarboro Missions ON (Canada),  Schmidt Family Foundation (USA),  Schott Fund (USA),  Scott Trust (United Kingdom),  Scottish Episcopal Church (United Kingdom),  Selkirk Parish Church (United Kingdom),  Shalom Center (USA),  Shared Earth Foundation (USA),  Shugar Foundation (USA),  Sierra Club Foundation (USA),  Siloe Monastic Community (USA),  Singing Field Foundation (USA),  Sisters Clarissen of Ostend (Belgium),  Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary (Belgium),  Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (USA),  Sisters of Loretto (USA),  Social Action Committee of St. Mary's Catholic Church (USA),  Society for Community Work First Unitarian Universalist Society (USA),  Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (USA),  Society of Friends Canberra Regional Meeting (Australia),  Sojourners (USA),  Solidago Foundation (USA),  SSM Health (USA),  St Hilda’s Church,  Ashford (United Kingdom),  St John the Evangelist,  Upper St Leonards (United Kingdom),  St John’s,  Hartley Wintney (United Kingdom),  St Joseph's Province of the Congregation of the Passion (United Kingdom),  St Peter’s Church Maney Sutton Coldfield (United Kingdom),  St Stephen with St Julian,  St Albans (United Kingdom),  St. James Episcopal Church (USA),  Staples Trust (United Kingdom),  Starfish Foundation (Australia),  Student Christian Movement (United Kingdom),  Students’ Society of McGill University (Canada),  SUNY New Paltz Foundation (USA),  Swarthmore Monthly Meeting (USA),  Swift Foundation (USA),  Switzer Foundation (USA),  Sydney Buddhist Centre (Australia),  Synod of the Northeast Presbyterian Church (USA),  Synod of Victoria and Tasmania (Australia),  Tavistock United Reformed Church (United Kingdom),  Tedworth Charitable Trust (United Kingdom),  Tellus Mater Foundation (USA),  The Alma Mater Society (Canada),  The Archdiocese of Panama (Panama),  The British Psychological Society (United Kingdom),  The Catholic Church in Greece (Greece),  The Council of Canadians (Canada),  The Diocese of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia (Italy),  The Diocese of Naples (Italy),  The Diocese of Pescara (Italy),  The Diocese of Savona-Noli (Italy),  The Diocese of Siracusa (Italy),  The Educational Foundation of America (USA),  The Foundation of the University of Maine Presque Isle (USA),  The Fund for Santa Barbara (USA),  The Grantham Foundation (USA),  The Italian Jesuits (Italy),  The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation (USA),  The Jesuits in English Canada (Canada),  The Kristina and William Catto Foundation (USA),  The Libra Foundation (USA),  The Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit (USA),  The New Zealand Tertiary Education Union (New Zealand),  The Overbrook Foundation (USA),  The Palette Fund (USA),  The Roddick Foundation (United Kingdom),  The Royal College of General Practitioners (United Kingdom),  The SWF Immersion Foundation (USA),  The Unitarian Church of Vancouver (Canada),  The United Reformed Church Synod of Yorkshire (United Kingdom),  The Velux Foundations (Denmark),  The Vines United Reformed Church,  Rochester (United Kingdom),  The Wege Foundation (USA),  The Welders (USA),  The Wheaton Franciscan Sisters Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (USA),  The Wilderness Society (USA),  The Woodward Charitable Trust (United Kingdom),  Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church VA (USA),  Threshold Foundation (USA),  Toronto Atmospheric Fund (Canada),  Trenton Meeting (USA),  Trinitarian Congregational United Church of Christ Warwick Massachusetts (USA),  Trinity St. Paul's United Church Toronto (Canada),  Trocaire (Ireland),  Trottier Family Foundation (Canada),  Trust Africa (Senegal),  UK Faculty of Public Health (United Kingdom),  UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (United Kingdom),  Unifor (Norway),  Union of Concerned Scientists (USA),  Union Theological Seminary New York City (USA),  UNISON Cambridge Hospitals (United Kingdom),  Unitarian Church of Calgary (Canada),  Unitarian Church of Los Alamos (USA),  Unitarian Church of South Australia (Australia),  Unitarian congregation of Niagara (Canada),  Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto (Canada),  Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough (Canada),  Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence MA (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Association (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Church First Parish Sherborn Massachusetts (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine Maine (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County RI (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst MA (USA),  Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor Maine (USA),  United Church of Canada (Canada),  United Church of Christ (USA),  United Church of Christ Minnesota Conference (USA),  United Reformed Church of Scotland (United Kingdom),  Uniting Church New South Wales & ACT Australia (Australia),  Uniting Church of Australia Assembly (Australia),  Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation IL (USA),  UU Church of Boulder CO (USA),  UU Congregation of Binghamton NY (USA),  UUEstrie (Canada),  V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation (USA),  Vincent Wildlife Trust ( United Kingdo),  Vine United Reformed Church Ilford (United Kingdom),  Wallace Global Fund (USA),  Warren Wilson College (USA),  Water Dragon Foundation (Australia),  Waterloo Foundation (United Kingdom),  Werzalit Gruppe (Australia),  Western Australian Local Government Association (Australia),  Westtown Monthly Meeting (USA),  Westwood Unitarian Congregation (Canada),  Whitley Fund for Nature (United Kingdom),  Whitman College (USA),  Wilburforce Foundation (USA),  Willows Investments (United Kingdom),  Wimbledon Congregational Church (United Kingdom),  The Winslow Foundation (USA),  World Apostolate of Fatima (Pakistan),  World Council of Churches (Switzerland),  World Medical Association (France),  Yale University (USA),  York St John University (United Kingdom),  Zusters van de Bermhertigheid (Belgium),  Zusters van Maria (Belgium).

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Governmental actors 0
Regional / state / county actors 20 Australian Capital Territory (Australia),  Baden-Württemberg (Germany),  Ballina Shire Council (Australia),  Bass Coast Shire (Australia),  Bordeaux Métropole (France),  Department de L'essonne (France),  Gironde department (France),  Ile de France (France),  Macedon Ranges Shire Council (Australia),  Mount Alexander Shire Council (Australia),  Multnomah County (USA),  Östergötland Region (Sweden),  Regional council Burgundy (France),  Regional council of Champagne-Ardennes (France),  Regional council of Poitou-Charente (France),  Rhone Alpes Region (France),  Shire of Goomalling Western Australia (Australia),  Urban community of Cherbourg (France),  Urban community of Hénin-Carvin (France),  ÖStergöTland Region (Sweden).
City / municipal actors 135 Aachen (Germany),  Aalborg (Denmark),  Albury (Australia),  Allonnes (France),  Ambérieu en Bugey (France),  Amherst (USA),  Ann Arbor (USA),  Armadale (Australia),  Ashland (USA),  Auckland (New Zealand),  Ballarat (Australia),  Banyule City Council (Australia),  Bassendean (Australia),  Bayfield (USA),  Belfast (USA),  Berkeley (USA),  Berlin (Germany),  Borås (Sweden),  Bordeaux (France),  Boulder (USA),  Boxtel (Netherlands),  Bremen (Germany),  Brisbane (USA),  Brighton & Hove City Council (United Kingdom),  Brisbane (USA),  Bristol (United Kingdom),  Byron Shire (Australia),  Cambridge (USA),  Cambridge City Council (United Kingdom),  Cape Town (South Africa),  Cherbourg (France),  Christchurch (New Zealand),  City of Sunnyvale (USA),  Colombes (France),  Concord (USA),  Copenhagen (Denmark),  Corvallis (USA),  Dane County (USA),  Dijon (France),  Dunedin (New Zealand),  East Fremantle (Australia),  Eindhoven (Netherlands),  Eugene (USA),  Fairfax (USA),  Lyon First district of the city (France),  Framingham (USA),  Fredericia (Denmark),  Freiburg (Germany),  Fremantle (Australia),  Fremont (USA),  Frouzins (France),  Gloucester Shire Council (Australia),  Gottingen (Germany),  Great Barrington (USA),  Hastings Borough Council (United Kingdom),  Heidelberg (Germany),  Hellemes (France),  Inner West council of Sydney (Australia),  Ithaca - Town (USA),  Kansas City (USA),  Kirklees (United Kingdom),  La Rochelle - Communauté D'Agglomération Et Ville (France),  Le Mans (France),  Leichhardt (Australia),  Leipzig (Germany),  Lewes Town Council (United Kingdom),  Lille (France),  Lismore (Australia),  Lorient (France),  Madison (USA),  Malmö (Sweden),  Marrickville (Australia),  Melbourne (Australia),  Melville (Australia),  Minneapolis (USA),  Montpellier (France),  Montréal (Canada),  Montreuil (France),  Moreland (Australia),  Mountain View (USA),  Munster (Germany),  New London (USA),  Newcastle (Australia),  Northampton (USA),  Norwich City Council (United Kingdom),  Oakland (USA),  Odense (Denmark),  Orebro (Sweden),  Östersund (Sweden),  Oxford (United Kingdom),  Palmerston North (New Zealand),  Palo Alto (USA),  Paris (France),  Pierrefitte sur Seine (France),  Portland (USA),  Providence (USA),  Provincetown (USA),  Randwick City Council (Australia),  Ravoire (France),  Reading Borough Council (United Kingdom),  Rennes (France),  Richmond Valley Council (Australia),  Richmond (USA),  Roskilde (Denmark),  Saint Denis (France),  Saint Herblain (France),  Saint Maur des Fosse (France),  San Francisco (USA),  San Luis Obispo (USA),  Santa Fe (USA),  Santa Monica (USA),  Seattle (USA),  Sheffield City Council (United Kingdom),  Sollentuna Municipality (Sweden),  State College (USA),  Stevns City Council (Denmark),  Stirling (Australia),  Stockholm (Sweden),  Strasbourg (France),  Strömstad (Sweden),  Stroud District Council (United Kingdom),  Stuttgart (Germany),  Sudbury (USA),  Swan (Australia),  Sydney (Australia),  Truckee (USA),  Truro (USA),  Tubmanburg City Coorperation (Liberia),  Uppsala (Sweden),  Venissieux (France),  Vincent (Australia),  Wodonga (Australia),  Wollongong (Australia).
Intergovernmental organisations 0
Financial Institutions 212 Abracadabra Retirement Fund (Australia),  Aegon (Netherlands),  AG2R la mondiale (France),  Alleycat Super Fund (Australia),  Allianz SE (Germany),  Alternative Bank Schweiz (Switzerland),  Amalgamated Bank (USA),  Amanda's Super Fund (Australia),  AMP (Australia),  Anderson Peters Super Fund (Australia),  Anglican National Super (Australia),  AP1 (Sweden),  AP2 (Sweden),  AP4 (Sweden),  Arian Super Fund No 2 (Australia),  Armstrong Family Superannuation Fund (Australia),  ASR Nederland N.V. (Netherlands),  Australian Ethical Investment (Australia),  Australian Vision Super Fund (Australia),  AustralianSuper (Australia),  B & G Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Bank im Bistum Essen eG (Germany),  Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG (Switzerland),  Banks Slipper Super Fund (Australia),  Barnett Super Wealthy Fund (Australia),  Barry Family Super Fund (Australia),  Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited (Australia),  Berliner Ärzteversorgung / Berlin Doctor's Pensionfund (Germany),  Berygan Pty Ltd (Australia),  Black Betty Super Fund (Australia),  Blue Heron Advisory Group of CIBC Wood Gundy (USA),  Bonakini Super Fund (Australia),  Bondage Super (Australia),  Bonnie Mulholland Super Fund (Australia),  Booth Super Fund (Australia),  Bradbury Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Brandenburg (Germany),  Brinstones Super (Australia),  Caisse des Dépôts (France),  California Public Employees' Retirement System - CalPERS (USA),  California State Compensation Insurance Fund (USA),  California State Teachers' Retirement System (USA),  Candriam (Luxembourg),  Cardiff Council Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  Caroline Lurie Super Fund (Australia),  Cecile Dignan Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Christine Guinand Super Fund (Australia),  Chubb Insurance LTD (USA),  Claudia Graham Superannuation Fund (Australia),  CNP Assurances (France),  CoolHive (USA),  CPEG - Caisse de prévoyance de l'État de Genève (Switzerland),  CSAA Insurance Group (USA),  Dan Mathews Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Darwin Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Davara Super Fund (Australia),  Decco Superannuation Fund (Australia),  District of Columbia Retirement Board (USA),  Ditton's Super Fund (Australia),  Dobra Super Fund (Australia),  Douglas Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Earth Super Fund (Australia),  Efinovia Europe (Luxembourg),  Eileen and Terry Lustig Family Superannuation Fund (Australia),  El Jayar Enterprises Pty Ltd Employees Provident Fund (Australia),  Environment Agency Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  Erste Asset Management (Austria),  Etherington Family Super Fund (Australia),  Figure 8 Investment Strategies (USA),  First State Super (Australia),  Flame Tree Super Fund (Australia),  Flou Flou Super Fund (Australia),  Fonds de Réserve pour les Retraites (

France),  Fonds de solidarité FTQ (Canada),  French pension reserve fund (France),  Freya Hadley Super Fund (Australia),  Friends Fiduciary Corporation (USA),  Future Super (Australia),  Generali Insurance (Italy),  Gibson and McGregor Super Fund (Australia),  Glow Worm Super Fund (Australia),  Good Vibrations Super ( Australia),  Goolengook Super Fund (Australia),  Government Pension Fund Global (Norway),  Gro Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Gross and Watts Super Fund (Australia),  Groupama (France),  Gulf Stream Fuels LLC (USA),  H Green Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Halcyon Super Fund (Australia),  Handelskammer Hamburg - Chamber of Commerce (Germany),  Hanley Merchant Super Fund (Australia),  Hannover Reinsurance (Germany),  Hardys Bay Super Fund (Australia),  Haydon Family Super Fun (Australia),  Hesse (Germany),  HESTA Super Fund (Australia),  HG Burkitt Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Howqua River Super Fund (Australia),  Hromas Super Fund (Australia),  Hunter Hall Investment Management (Australia),  Ircantec (France),  Jacobs Robinson Super Fund (Australia),  Jalana Super Fund (Australia),  Janet Mayer Super Fund (Australia),  Jay'n'ess Super Fund (Australia),  Jennie Di Blasi Super Fund (Australia),  Just Money Super Fund (Australia),  Kadungle Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Kaldor Family Super Fund (Australia),  Kerr Ratcliffe Super (Australia),  KLP (Norway),  Kollantai Super Fund (Australia),  Koorool Super Fund (Australia),  Kuhn's Gold Super (Australia),  Lemonade Insurance (USA),  Lloyd's of London Insurance Company (United Kingdom),  Local Government Super (Australia),  London Borough of Hackney Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  London Borough of Harringey Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  London Borough of Islington Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  London Borough of Lambeth Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  London Borough of Lewisham Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  London Borough of Southwark Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  London Borough of Waltham Forest Pension Fund (United Kingdom),  London Pension Fund Authority (United Kingdom),  Lupoff Friends and Family Interests LLC (USA),  M & N West Pension Fund (Australia),  Make It So Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Malbird Super Fund (Australia),  MAPFRE (Spain),  Maree Kordonsky Super (Australia),  Margaret Jennings Super Fund (Australia),  McCrea Family Super Fund (Australia),  McKinnon Super Fund (Australia),  Medibank (Australia),  Medical Assurance Society New Zealand Limited (New Zealand),  Millamac Super Fund (Australia),  Moomintroll Super Fund (Australia),  MP Pension fund (Denmark),  Mundi Farm Super Fund (Australia),  Munich Re (Germany),  Nardoo Super Fund (Australia),  Natixis Investment Bank (France),  Neranie Super Fund (Australia),  Nest Sammelstiftung (Switzerland),  Nevada Super Fund (Australia),  New York City Employees Retirement System (USA),  New Zealand Superannuation Fund (New Zealand),  NN Group Insurance (Netherlands),  Nordea Bank (Sweden),  Oros Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Oslo Pensjonsforsikring - City of Oslo pension fund (Norway),  PCG Investments (Netherlands),  Pegranka Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Pensioenfonds Van De Metalektro (Netherlands),  Pension Fund Bernische Lehrerversicherungskasse BLVK (Switzerland),  Pensionfonds Zorg en Welzijn (Netherlands),  Perpetual Ocean Super Fund (Australia),  PFA Pension (Denmark),  Pi Investments (USA),  PKA Pension (Denmark),  Polestar Capital (Netherlands),  Presse-Versorgung (Germany),  Publica (Switzerland),  QBE Insurance Group (Australia),  Red Rocks Impact GmbH & Co KG (Germany),  Rianta Capital (Switzerland),  ROS Super Fund (Australia),  Ross Knowles Super Fund (Australia),  RS Group in Hong Kong (China),  Rusbourne Private Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Sacagewea L&C LLC (USA),  Sarah Stegley Super Fund (Australia),  Sarieka Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Scor SE (France),  ScouseMouse Super Fund (Australia),  Shevek Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Silvergum Grove Super Fund (Australia),  South Yorkshire Pensions Authority (United Kingdom),  Steyler Ethik Bank (Germany),  Stiftung Abendrot (Switzerland),  Storebrand ASA (Norway),  SUJAY Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Sunshine Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Super Three Super Fund (Australia),  Susie Edwards Super Fund (Australia),  Swiss Re (Switzerland),  Taikura Super Fund (Australia),  Teachers Retirement System of the City of New York (USA),  Temporis Capital (United Kingdom),  The H&S Kilgour Superannuation Fund (Australia),  The Janet Goss Superfund (Australia),  The public Pension Fund of Basel (Switzerland),  The Tin Dog Super (Australia),  Threshold Group (USA),  Trudili Super Fund (Australia),  Tweeps Super Fund (Australia),  Two Dogs Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Twopeas Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Unfolding Futures Pty Ltd Superannuation Fund (Australia),  UNIQA Insurance (Austria),  UniSuper (Australia),  Utopia Superannuation Fund (Australia),  Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company (Finland),  Village of Cooperstown Pension Fund (USA),  Wahcumba Super Fund (Australia),  Wattle Blossum Super Fund (Australia),  Wermuth Family Office (Germany),  Wombat Super (Australia),  Zurich Insurance Group (Switzerland).

Faith based organisations 0
Other members 0
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Have only national states as participators No


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