About the Climate Initiatives Platform

The Climate Initiatives Platform (CIP) is being hosted by UN Environment and the UNEP DTU Partnership, through a project funded by the Nordic Council of ministers, and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The platform contains a comprehensive collection of information on international climate initiatives (ICIs). Those intiatives were primarily launched by so-called non-state actors. The latest Emission Gap Report by UNEP (2018) describes how climate initiatives and actions from non-state actors have proliferated greatly over the last couple of decades, and are showing no signs of decreasing in importance. On the contrary, the process surrounding COP 21 institutionalised the approach to ICIs from the international climate agenda, and has underscored their importance in closing the emission gap. It is against this backdrop that CIP aims to provide a comprehensive set of information on the existing initiatives to facilitate both a further strengthening of ICIs, and also the research of their role and impact. The CIP is a data provider to UNFCCC's Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) platform since October 2016. The NAZCA platform aims to showcase non-state commitments for climate action, and is acknowledged as structuring and mobilizing force in the Paris Agreement.

'The section "Monitoring and Reporting" has been totally changed into a complete Monitoring Framework:' 'For each Initiative the user can choose to use 5 monitoring Functions, ' 'For each Function a number of Activities can be chosen, and ' 'For each Activity a number of Indicators can be chosen.' 'All the possible Functions, Activities, and Indicators can be seen in the following document: ' New_Monitoring_Framework_in_CIP.docx

Which initiatives are included?

CIP contains ICIs that fulfil a set of general criteria:

  • Includes several non-state actors taking voluntary action, and may also include states
  • Have as their objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to increase resilience, or could bring about greenhouse gas emission reductions or increased resilience
  • Have an international scope or the potential for significant impact on a global scale
  • Have a focal point

What information is included?

The information on the International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) includes among others the function of initiative, its goal, activities and its participants. For the ICIs that are included as a Cooperative Initiative under NAZCA, information on the monitoring and progress of the ICI is available. Use the links above to search the existing data.

CIP was built on a wiki format to enable collaborative development and flexible use. The purpose is to provide an online space that allows contributions from participating organisations and users to ensure it remains accurate and up-to-date. In the near future, it will be possible to create a user profile that will be tied to its initiative/s to facilitate the update of content. Visitors will also be able to suggest initiatives to be included into the platform.


The information included on initiatives was first gathered during the autumn of 2014 by Ecofys, the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, and the World Resources Institute. On the 1st of January 2016, CIP was taken over by UNEP DTU Partnership which includes hosting, maintaining, and developing it. The team in charge of CIP is:

Jørgen Fenhann from UNEP DTU Partnership, as well the programmer Alexey K.

Disclaimer and copyrights

The authors cannot be held liable for the timeliness, correctness and completeness of the information included. For each initiative a Website address is included and users are strongly encouraged to revert to the initiative website for the most comprehensive, timely and accurate source of information. This website has been published with financial support by the Nordic Council of Ministers and from the Dutch government. However, the contents of this website do not necessarily reflect the views, policies or recommendations of the funders or the authors. If you are an initiative or copyright owner of any of the information included in the platform, and the information is either inaccurate or not properly attributed, please notify us so we can make any necessary corrections.

Enquiries about the platform can be made by email at: jorgen.fenhann@un.org Any reproduction of the CIP, in full or in part, must credit: www.climateinitiativesplatform.org