Climate Ambition Alliance: Net Zero 2050


Name of initiative Climate Ambition Alliance: Net Zero 2050
LPAA initiative Yes
NAZCA Initiative Yes
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Starting year 2020
End year
Secretariat Members of Race to Zero automatically join countries in the Climate Ambition Alliance, and their participation is registered on the Global Climate Action portal.
Organisational structure Led by the High-Level Climate Champions for Climate Action – Nigel Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz – Race To Zero mobilizes actors outside of national governments to join the Climate Ambition Alliance, which was launched at the UNSG’s Climate Action Summit 2019 by the President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera.
Geographical coverage Global
Name of lead organisation Climate Ambition Alliance
Type of lead organisation United Nations or Specialised agency
Location/Nationality of lead organisation Germany


Description The Climate Ambition Alliance brings together countries, businesses, investors, cities and regions who are working towards achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Country engagement in this Alliance is led by the governments of Chile and the United Kingdom, with support from UN Climate Change and UNDP; while mobilization of a non-government actors is led by the High-Level Climate Champions for Climate Action – Nigel Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz – under the ‘Race to Zero’ campaign.

In addition to the countries listed as participants below, the European Union is also part of this initiative.

Objectives The objective is to build momentum around the shift to a decarbonized economy ahead of COP26, where governments must strengthen their contributions to the Paris Agreement. This will send governments a resounding signal that business, cities, regions and investors are united in meeting the Paris goals and creating a more inclusive and resilient economy.
Activities Race To Zero:

To mobilize non-state actors to credibly join the Climate Ambition Alliance, the Race to Zero campaign was launched on 5 June 2020. Led by the High-Level Climate Champions for Climate Action – Nigel Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz – the Race To Zero campaign mobilizes actors outside of national governments to join the Climate Ambition Alliance. In doing so Race To Zero rallies leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, and investors for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery from COVID-19 that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth.

The Race to Zero campaign is a partnership of leading networks and initiatives from across the climate action community--driven by science

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Function of initiative
Activity of initiative
Goals To reach (net)-zero in the 2040s or sooner, or by midcentury at the latest, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5C.
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Participants Number Names
Members 11398  
Companies 8238
Business organisations 0
Research and educational organisations 1282
Non-governmental organisations 0
National states 136 Afghanistan,  Angola,  Antigua and Barbuda,  Argentina,  Armenia,  Austria,  Bahamas,  Bangladesh,  Barbados,  Belarus,  Belgium,  Belize,  Benin,  Bhutan,  Botswana,  Bulgaria,  Burkina Faso,  Burundi,  Cabo Verde,  Cambodia,  Canada,  Central,  African Republic,  Chad,  Chile,  Colombia,  Comoros,  Cook Islands,  Costa Rica,  Croatia,  Cyprus,  Czechia,  Democratic Republic of the Congo,  Denmark,  Djibouti,  Dominica,  Dominican Republic,  Ecuador,  Eritrea,  Estonia,  Ethiopia,  Fiji,  Finland,  France,  Gambia,  Georgia,  Germany,  Ghana,  Greece,  Grenada,  Guinea,  Guinea-Bissau,  Guyana,  Haiti,  Hungary,  Iceland,  Ireland,  Italy,  Jamaica,  Japan,  Kiribati,  Laos,  Latvia,  Lebanon,  Lesotho,  Liberia,  Lithuania,  Luxembourg,  Madagascar,  Malawi,  Maldives,  Mali,  Malta,  Marshall Islands,  Mauritania,  Mauritius,  Mexico,  Micronesia,  Monaco,  Mozambique,  Myanmar,  Namibia,  Nauru,  Nepal,  Netherlands,  New Zealand,  Nicaragua,  Niger,  Niue,  North Macedonia,  Norway,  Pakistan,  Palau,  Panama,  Papua New Guinea,  Peru,  Portugal,  Republic of Korea,  Romania,  Rwanda,  Saint Kitts and Nevis,  Saint Lucia,  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,  Samoa,  Sao Tome and Principe,  Senegal,  Serbia,  Seychelles,  Sierra Leone,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  Solomon Islands,  Somalia,  South Sudan,  Spain,  Sudan,  Suriname,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  Timor-Leste,  Togo,  Tonga,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Tunisia,  Tuvalu,  Uganda,  Ukraine,  United K.,  Tanzania,  Uruguay,  Vanuatu,  Yemen,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe.
Governmental actors 0
Regional / state / county actors 22 Australian Capital Territory (Australia),  Basque Country (Spain),  Brussels Capital Region (Belgium),  California (USA),  Catalonia (Spain),  Comunidad de Madrid (Spain),  Galicia (Spain),  Hawaii State (USA),  Jamtland (Sweden),  Navarra (Spain),  New South Wales (Australia),  New York State (USA),  North Holland (Netherlands),  Northern Territory (Australia),  Queensland (Australia),  Scotland (United K.),  South Australia (Australia),  State Of Washington (USA),  Thuringia (Germany),  Victoria (Australia),  Wales (United K.),  Walloon Region (Belgium).
City / municipal actors 1136 2 De Mayo (Argentina),  Aabenrae (Denmark),  Aarhus (Denmark),  Aberdeen (United K.),  Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire),  Accra (Ghana),  Achalpur (India),  Acqui Terme (Italy),  Acton (USA),  Addis Ababa (Ethiopia),  Adelaide (Australia),  Adolfo Alsina (Argentina),  Ærø (Denmark),  Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (India),  Ahmednagar (India),  Aiud (Romanaia),  Ajax (Canada),  Akashi City (Japan),  Akola (India),  Albo Iulia (Romania),  Alberti (Argentina),  Albertslund (Denmark),  Albuquerque (USA),  Alejo Ledesma (Argentina),  Alençon (France),  Alexandria (USA),  Allen (Argentina),  Allerød (Denmark),  Almafuerte (Argentina),  Alsómocsolád (Hungary),  Alta Gracia (Argentina),  Aluminé (Argentina),  Ambarnath (India),  Ambato (Equador),  Ambrosetti (Argentina),  Amman (Jordan),  Amravati (India),  Amsterdam (Netherlands),  Anisacate (Argentina),  Ann Arbor (USA),  Annapolis (USA),  Annecy (France),  Ansan City (South Korea),  Antalya (Turkey),  Ardsley (USA),  Arendal (Norway),  Arequito (Argentina),  Arias (Argentina),  Arica (Chile),  Armstrong (Argentina),  Arras (France),  Arias Córdoba (Argentina),  Arta Region (Djibouti),  Arteaga (Argentina),  Ashland (USA),  Asker (Norway),  Aso City - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Assens (Denmark),  Athens (Greece),  Atlanta (USA),  Auckland (New Zealand),  Aurangabad (India),  Austin (USA),  Avcilar (Turkey),  Avellaneda (Argentina),  Avigliana (Italy),  Awashimaura Village - Niigata Prefecture (Japan),  Ayacucho (Argentina),  Ay-Champagne (France),  BæRum (Norway),  Bagneux (France),  Baguio (Philippines),  Bahía Blanca (Argentina),  Balcarce (Argentina),  Ballerup (Denmark),  Bamenda (Cameroon),  Bankok (Thailand),  Barbosa (Colombia),  Barcarena (Brazil),  Barcelona (Spain),  Barranqueras (Argentina),  Barshi (India),  Basavilbaso (Argentina),  Bath and North East Somerset Council (United K.),  Beed (India),  Belfast (United K.),  Bell Ville (Argentina),  Bella Vista (Argentina),  Bellingham (USA),  Bello (Colombia),  Belo Horizonte (Brazil),  Bengaluru (India),  Benslimane (Morocco),  Bergen (Norway),  Berkeley (USA),  Berlin (Germany),  Besancon (France),  Beverly - MA (USA),  Bexley (USA),  Bhiwandi Nizampur (India),  Bhusawal (India),  Billund (Denmark),  Birlad (Romania),  Birmingham (United K.),  Blaine County (USA),  Blue Mountains (Australia),  Boca Raton-FL (USA),  Bogotá (Colombia),  Boguchwaly (Poland),  Boise - ID (USA),  Bombai (Argentina),  Bonn (Germany),  Boone (USA),  Bordeaux (France),  Borough of Forest Hills (USA),  Boston - MA (USA),  Botosani (Romania),  Boulder (USA),  Bourg-en-Bresse (France),  Boynton Beach (USA),  Bradford (United K.),  Bragado (Argentina),  Brampton (Canada),  Brasov (Romania),  Brazaville (Congo),  Brest (France),  Bridgewater (Canada),  Brighton & Hove City Council (United K.),  Bristol (United K.),  Brøndby (Denmark),  Budapest (Hungary),  Buenos Aires (Argentina),  Burlington (Canada),  Bury Metropolitan Borough Council (United K.),  Busan Metropolitan City (South Korea),  Bustinza (Argentina),  Büyükçekmece (Turkey),  Buzau (Romania),  Byron Shire (Australia),  CáDiz (Spain),  Caém (Brazil),  Caldas (Colombia),  Calderdale (United K.),  Calera de Tango (Chile),  Caluma (Ecuador),  Cambridge - MA (USA),  Cambridgeshire County Council (United K.),  Camilo Aldao (Argentina),  Campina (Romania),  Campinas (Brazil),  Campo Grande (Argentina),  Campo Ramón (argentina),  Canada Bay (Australia),  Cañada Rosquín (Argentina),  Canberra (Australia9,  Candeias (Brazil),  Canelli (Italy),  Canoas (brazil),  Cape Town (South Africa),  Capioví (Argentina),  Carcarañá (Argentina),  Carmen de Areco (Argentina),  Carmen De Patagones (Argentina),  Carnerillo (Argentina),  Caseros (Argentina),  Casilda (Argentina),  Castel Maggiore (Italy),  Catriel (Argentina),  Caucaia (Brazil),  Centeno (Argentina),  Ceres (Argentina),  Cerrito (Argentina),  Chacabuco (Argentina),  Chañar Ladeado (Argentina),  Chandrapur (India),  Changwon (South Korea),  Charleroi (Belgium),  Charlotte (USA),  Chattanooga (USA),  Chefchaouen (Morocco),  Chelsea (USA),  Cheltenham (United K.),  Chengdu (China),  Chennai (China),  Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (France),  Chicago (USA),  Chichibu City (Japan),  Chovet (Argentina),  Christchurch (New Zealand),  Chula Vista (USA),  Chun Cheon (South Korea),  Cieszyn (Poland),  Cincinnati (USA),  Cipolletti (Argentina),  City of London (United K.),  Clermont Auvergne Métropole (France),  Cluj-Napoca (Romania),  Colina (Chile),  Colón (Argentina),  Colonia Vignod (Argentina),  Colonia Wanda (Argentina),  Columbia - MO (USA),  Comas (Peru),  Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina),  Conceição do Mato Dentro (Brazil),  Concepcion (Argentina),  Concepción del Uruguay (Uruguay),  Concord (USA),  Concordia (Argentina),  Constanta (Romania9,  Contagem (Brazil),  Copacabana (Colombia),  Copenhagen (Denmark),  Cordoba (Argentina),  Cornwall Council (United K.),  Coronel Dominguez (Argentina),  Coronel Pringles (Argentina),  Coronel Suarez (Argentina),  Corpus (Argentina),  Correa - Santa Fe (Argentina),  Corrientes (Argentina),  Cosquín (Argentina),  Cotswold District Council (United K:),  Crespo (Argentina),  Cruz Alta (Argentina),  Cucuta (Colombia),  Cuenca (Ecuador),  Cupertino (USA),  Curitiba (Brazil),  Curuzú Cuatiá (Argentina),  Curvelo (Brazil),  Cuyahoga County - OH (USA),  Daegu Metropolitan City (South Korea),  Dakar (Senegal),  Dallas (USA),  Dalian (China),  Dallas (USA),  Dane County (USA),  Dang-Jin (South Korea),  Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania),  Darebin City Council (Australia),  Darwin (Australia),  Darwin (Argentina),  Davis,  CA (USA),  Dayton (USA),  Delhi (India),  Denton (USA),  Denver (USA),  Des Moines (USA),  Despeñaderos (Argentina),  Detroit (USA),  Deveto (Argentina),  Dhaka (Bangladesh),  Dhule (India),  Diamantina (Argentina),  Dijon (France),  Dipolog (Philippines),  Dolores (Argentina),  Dortmund (Germany),  Drammen (Norway),  Dubai (United Arab Emirates),  Duluth (USA),  Dundee City Council (United K.),  Dura (Palestine),  Durban (Ethekwini),  Durham (USA),  Dzierzoniów (Poland),  Eau Claire - WI (USA),  Ecaussinnes (Belgium),  Eden Prairie (USA),  Edinburgh (United K.),  Eidskog (Norway),  El Salto (Mexico),  Ei Tio (Argentina),  El Trébol (Argentina),  Eldorado (Argentina),  Elortondo (Argentina),  Elsinore (Denmark),  Embu (Kenya),  Empedrado (Argentina),  Envigado (Colombia),  Esbjerg (Denmark),  Eskisehir (Turkey),  Essen (Germany),  Estación Juárez Célman (Argentina),  Esteio (Brazil),  Etruria (Argentina),  Eunpyeong-gu (South Korea),  Evanston (USA),  Faaborg (Denmark),  Færder (Norway),  Fatih (Turkey),  Favrskov (Denmark),  Faxe (Denmark),  Fayetteville (USA),  Ferndale (USA),  Firmat (Argentina),  Florence (Italy),  Florencia (Colombia),  Florentino Ameghino (Argentina),  Fokoue (Cameroon),  Fort Collins - CO (USA),  Fortaleza (Brazil),  Frankfurt (Germany),  Fredensborg (Denmark),  Fredericia (Denmark),  Frederiksberg (Denmark),  Frederikshavn (Denmark),  Freetown (Sierra Leone),  Fremont - CA (USA),  Fudai Village (Japan),  Fuentes (Argentina),  Fukuoka City - Fukuoka Prefecture (Japan),  Furesø (Denmark),  Furubira Town - Hokkaido Prefecture (Japan),  Fusagasugá (Colombia),  Fuzhou (China),  Gainesville (USA),  Gambettola (Italy),  Gangdong-gu (South Korea),  Gangtok (India),  Garuhapé (Argentina),  General Alvarado (Argentina),  General Alvear - Mendoza (Argentina),  General Belgrano (Argentina),  General Cabrera (Argentina),  General La Madrid (Argentina),  General Lagos (Argentina),  General Lavalle (Argentina),  General Pico (Argentina),  General Pueyrredón (Argentina),  General Ramírez (Argentina),  General Roca (Argentina9,  General Viamonte (Argentina),  General Villegas (Argentina),  Geneva (Switzerland),  Gennape (Belgium),  Gentofte (Denmark),  Georges River (Australia),  Gibsons (Canada),  Girardota (Colombia),  Gjøvik (Norway)

Gladsaxe (Denmark),  Glasgow (United K.),  Glen Eira (Australia),  Glendale (USA),  Gloucestershire County Council (United K.),  Gobernador Crespo (Argentina),  Gobernador Maciá (Argentina),  Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Santa Cruz (Bolivia),  Godoy Cruz (Argentina),  Gondia (India),  Gotemba City - Shizuoka Prefecture (Japan),  Governador Mangabeira (Brazil),  Goyang-si (South Korea),  Grand Paris Sud (France),  Grand Rapids (France),  Greater Manchester (United K.),  Grenoble-Alpes-Metropole (France),  Grigny (France),  Guadalajara (Mexico),  Gualeguaychú (Argentina),  Guaminí (Argentina),  Guayaquil (Ecuador),  Guaymallén (Argentina),  Guelph (Canada),  Guldborgsund (Denamrk),  Gustavo A. Madero (mexico),  Gütersloh (Germany),  Gwalior (India),  Gwangju (South Korea),  Gwangmyeong (South Korea),  Gyokutou Town- Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Hachimantai City - Iwate Prefecture (Japan),  Haderslev (Denmark),  Haifa (Israel),  Hakuba Village - Nagano Prefecture (Japan),  Halden (Norway),  Halifax (Canada),  Hallandale Beach (USA),  Halton Hills (Canada),  Hamamatsu City - Shizuoka Prefecture (Japan),  Hamburg (Germany),  Hamilton (Canada),  Handa City - Aichi Prefecture (Japan),  Hang Tuah Jaya (Malaysia),  Hannover (Germany),  Hanoi (Vietnam),  Hartford (USA),  Hasenkamp (Argentina),  Hastings-On-Hudson (USA),  Haverstraw (USA),  Hayward (USA),  Hedensted (Denmark),  Heidelberg (Germany),  Helsingborg (Sweden),  Helsinki (Finland),  Herlev (Denmark),  Hernando (Argentina),  Herning (Denmark),  Hersilia (Argentina),  Higashine City - Yamagata Prefecture (Japan),  High Peak (United K.),  Hinginghat (India),  Hirado City (Japan),  Hirakata City - Osaka Prefecture (Japan),  Hirono Town (Japan),  Hjørring (Denmark),  Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam),  Hoboken (USA),  Hobsons Bay (Australia),  Høje-Taastrup (Denmark),  Hokuei Town - Tottori Prefecture (Japan),  Holbæk (Denmark),  Hong Kong (China),  Honolulu (USA),  Horsens (Denmark),  Horten (Norway),  Houston - TX (USA),  Hunter's Hill (Australia9,  Hutt City (New Zealand),  Hvidovre (Denmark),  Hwaseong (South Korea),  Iasi (Romania),  Ichalkaranji (India),  Ichinohe Town (Japan),  Idiazábal (Argentina),  Ikeda Town - Nagano Prefecture (Japan),  Ikoma City (Japan),  Incourt (Belgium),  Independencia (Chile),  Indianapolis - IN (USA),  Indore (India),  Indre Østfold (Norway),  Ingolstadt (Germany),  Ipojuca (Brazil),  Irapuato (Mexico),  Irvine (USA),  Isla Verde (Argentina),  Istanbul (Turkey),  Itabira (Brazil),  Itabirito (Brazil),  Itagüí (Colombia),  Itapevi (Brazil),  Itatiaiuçu (Brazil),  Itatiba (Brazil),  Itaúna (Brazil),  Ithaca NY (USA),  Ittre (Belgium),  Itu (Brazil),  Ituzaingó (Argentina),  Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos (Mexico),  Izmir (turkey),  JaguariúNa (Brazil),  Jakarta (Indonesia),  Jalgoan (India),  Jalna (India),  Jambi (Indonesia),  Jammerbugt (Denmark),  Jeollanam-do (South Korea),  Jersey - NJ (USA),  Jesus Maria (Argentina),  João Pessoa (Brazil),  Johannesburg (South Africa),  Juanacatlán (Argentina),  Jundiaí (Brazil),  Junín (Argentina),  Junin de los Andes (Argentina),  Justiniano Posse (Argentina),  Kadiovacik Village (Turkey),  Kaga City - Ishikawa Prefecture (Japan),  Kagoshima City - Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan),  Kaisei Town - Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan),  Kalyan Dombivli (India),  Kamakura City - Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan),  Kampala (Uganda),  Kanazawa City - Ishikawa Prefecture (Japan),  Kansas City MO (USA),  Kaposvar (Hungary),  Karachi (Pakistan),  Karuizawa Town - Nagano Prefecture (Japan),  Karumai Town (Japan),  Kashima Town - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Katsushika Ward - Tokyo (Japan),  Kawasaki City - Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan),  Kazan (Russia),  Kerteminde (Denmark),  Kigali (Rwanda),  Kikuchi City - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Kikuyo Town - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Kinshasa (Congo),  Kochi (India),  Køge (Denmark),  Kolding (Denmark),  Kolhapu (India),  Kolkata (India),  Kongsvinger (Norway),  Konstanz (Germany),  Koriyama City (Japan),  Kosa Town - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Koshi City - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Koszalin (Poland),  Krakow (Poland),  Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia),  Kuji City (Japan),  Kulgaon Badlapur (India),  Kumamoto City - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Kunohe Village - Iwate Prefecture (Japan),  Kupwad (India),  Kuzumaki Town (Japan),  Kvinnherad (Norway),  Kwadukuza (South Africa),  Kyoto (Japan),  La Courneuve (France),  La Crosse - WI (USA),  La Estrella (Colombia),  La Falda (Argentina),  LA Florida (Chile),  La Francia (Argentina),  La Paz (Biolivia),  La Paz (Argentina),  La Pintana (Chile),  La Plata (Argentina),  La Rioja (Argentina),  La Rochelle (France),  La Rubia (Argentina),  Laborde (Argentina),  Lacs (Togo),  Lagos (Nigeria),  Laguna Larga (Argentina),  Lakewood - CO (USA),  Lancashire County Council (United K.),  Lane Cove (Australia),  Langeland (Denmark),  Lansing - MI (USA),  Las Breñas (Argentina),  Las Condes (Chile),  Las Vegas - NV (USA),  Latur (India),  Lausanne (Switzerland),  Lavalle (Argentina),  Le Mans (France),  Leandro N. Alem (Argentina),  Leeds (United K.),  Leicester (United K.),  Lejre (Denmark),  Lenakel (Vanuatu),  León (Mexico),  Lexington - MA (USA),  Liege (Belgium),  Lille (France),  Lima (Peru),  Limoges (France),  Lince (Peru),  Lincoln (Argentina),  Lisbon (Portugal),  Liverpool (United K.),  Ljubljana (Slovenia),  Llambi Campbell (Argentina),  Lo Barnechea (Chile),  Loberia (Argentina),  Lobos (Argentina),  Łódź (Poland),  Lolland (Denmark),  London (United K.),  London Borough of Camden (United K.),  London Borough of Enfield (United K.),  London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (United K.),  London Borough of Lambeth (United K.),  London Borough of Lewisham (United K.),  London Borough of Southwark (United K.),  London Borough of Waltham Forest (United K.),  Longueuil (Canada),  Longyearbyen (Norway),  Lorenskog (Norway),  Lorry les Metz (France),  Los Angeles (USA),  Los Chañaritos (Argentina),  Los Cocos (Argentina),  Los Molles (Argentina),  Los Quirquinchos (Argentina),  Los Surgentes (Argentina),  Louisville -KY (USA),  Louvain (Belgium),  Lugoj (Romania),  Luján de Cuyo (Argentina),  Lund (Sweden),  Lunner (Norway),  Lusaka (Zambia),  Lyngby-Taarbæk (Denmark),  Lynn (USA),  Lyon (France),  Madison - WI (USA),  Madrid (Spain),  Maggiolo (Argentina),  Maipu (Chile),  Malabrigo (Argentina),  Malargüe (Argentina),  Malden (USA),  Malegaon (India),  Malmedy (Belgium),  Malmpo (Sweden),  Maltepe (Turkey),  Manchester (United K.),  Manhattan Beach - CA (USA),  Maniwa City - Okinawa Prefecture (Japan),  Manizales (Colombia),  Mannheim (Germany),  Manor (USA),  Marche-En-Famenne (Belgium),  Marcos JuáRez (Argentina),  Marcos Paz (Argentina),  Marguerite-D'Youville MRC (Canada),  María Grande (Argentina),  Maria Pinto (Chile),  Mariana (Brazil),  Marseille (France),  Mashhad (Iran),  Mashiki Town - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Matsuyama City - Ehime Prefecture (Japan),  Maui County - HI (USA),  Medellín (Colombia),  Medford - OR (USA),  Melaka (Malaysia),  Melbourne (Australia),  Melrose - MA (USA),  Mena (Ukraine),  Mendiolaza (Argentina),  Mendoza (Argentina),  Menlo Park - CA (USA),  MéRida (Mexico),  Mersin (Turkey),  Mesa (USA),  Metro Vancouver (Canada),  Métropole Aix Marseille Provence (France),  Metz (France),  Mexico City (Mexico),  Miami Beach (USA),  Middelfart (Denmark),  Mie Prefecture (Japan),  Mifune Town - 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T (Canada),  ottori (Japan),  Nanded Waghala (India),  Nandurbar (India),  Nanjing (China),  Nantes (France),  Nashik (India),  Nasushiobara City (Japan),  Navi Mumbai (India),  Nesodden (Norway),  Neuquen (Argentina),  New Bedford -MA (USA),  New Glasgow (Canada),  New Orleans (USA),  New York City (USA),  Newburyport - MA (USA),  Newcastle (United K.),  Newcastle (Australia),  Ninohe City (Japan),  Nishihara Village - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Niteroi (Brazil),  Noda Village (Japan),  Nogoyá (Argentina),  Nordfyns (Denmark),  North Sydney (Australia),  North Vancouver (Canada),  Northampton - MA (USA),  Nottingham (United K.),  Nova Lima (Brazil),  Nové Město na Moravě (Czechia),  Ñuñoa (Chile),  Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan),  Nyborg (Denmark),  Oakland - CA (USA),  Oberá (Argentina),  Oberlin - OH (USA),  Odawara City (Japan),  Odder (Denmark),  Odense (Denmark),  Odsherred (Denmark),  Oka (Canada),  Okazaki (Japan),  Oki Town - Fukuoka Prefecture (Japan),  Okuma Town - Fukushima Prefecture (Japan),  Olavarría (Argentina),  Oldenburg (Germany),  Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (United K.),  Oliva (Argentina),  Olta (Argentina),  Olympia - WA (USA),  Örebro (Sweden),  Orlando - FL (USA),  Oro Verde (Argentina),  Orvault (France),  Oslo (Norway),  Osmanabad (India),  Ota City - Gunma Prefecture (Japan),  Otari Village - Nagano Prefecture (Japan),  Ottawa (Canada),  Ouro Preto (Brazil),  Oxford (United K.),  Oxfordshire (United K.),  Ozu Town - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Paks (Hungary),  Palembang (Indonesia),  Palo Alto - CA (USA),  Palpala (Argentina),  Panaji (India),  Panvel (India),  Paracatu (Brazil),  Paraje las Tunas (Argentina),  Paraná (Argentina),  Parbhani (India),  Paris (France),  Park City - UT (USA),  Paso De La Patria (Argentina),  Paso De Los Libres (Argentina),  Pasto (Colombia),  Patquía (Argentina),  Penalolén (Chile),  Pereira (Colombia),  PéRez (Argentina),  Perico (Argentina),  Perth and Kinross (United K.),  Pesaro (Italy),  Petrosani (Romania),  Pforzheim (Germany),  Philadelphia (USA),  Phoenix (USA),  Piamonte (Argentina),  Piastów (Poland),  Picún Leufú (Argentina),  Piedra del Águila (Argentina),  Piedras Blancas (Argentina),  Pilar (Argentina),  Pimpri Chinchwad (India),  Pitesti (Romania),  Pittsburgh (USA),  Plottier (Argentina),  Plymouth (United K.),  Pohang (South Korea),  Poitiers (France),  Portland (USA),  Porto Alegre (Brazil),  Portoviejo (Ecuador),  Portsmouth City Council (United K.),  Posadas (Argentina),  Prague (Czechia),  Prairie Village - KS (USA),  Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña (Argentina),  Prévost (Canada),  Pronunciamiento (Argentina),  Providence - RI (USA),  Pudaheul (India),  Puenta Piedra (Peru),  Puerto Esperanza (Argentina),  Puerto Libertad (Argentina),  Puerto Madryn (Argentina),  Puerto Piray (Argentina),  Puerto Rico (Argentina),  Pune (India),  Qingdao (China),  Quelimane (Mozambique),  Quemu Quemu (Argentina),  Quezon City (Philippines),  Quibdó (Colombia),  Quilmes (Argentina),  Quinta Normal (Chile),  Quito (Ecuador),  Rabat (Morocco),  Rada Tilly (Argentina),  Råde (Norway),  Rafaela (Argentina),  Rakvere (Estonia9,  Ramallo (Argentina),  Ramona (Argentina),  Randers (Denmark),  Rauch (Argentina),  Rawson (Argentina),  Reading Borough Council (United K.),  Realicó (Argentina),  Rebild (Denmark),  Recife (Brazil),  Reconquista (Argentina),  Regina (Canada),  Renca (Chile),  Rennes (France),  Resistencia (Argentina),  Reykjavik (Iceland),  Riga (Latvia),  Ringkøbing-Skjern (Denmark),  Rio Cuarto (Argentina),  Rio De Janeiro (Brazil),  Río Grande (Argentina),  Rio Primero (Argentina),  Rionegro (Colombia),  Rivadavia (Argentina),  Rødovre (Denmark),  Rojas (Argentina),  Rome (Italy),  Rosario (Argentina),  Rosario de la Frontera (Argentina),  Roskilde (Denmark),  Rotterdam (Netherlands),  Rouen (France),  Rovaniemi (Finland),  Royal Borough of Greenwich (United K.),  Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (United K.),  Rudersdal (Denmark),  Rufino (Argentina),  Ruíz De Montoya (Argentina),  Ruse (Bulgaria),  Saanich (Canada),  Saavedra-Pigüé (Argentina),  Sabaneta (Colombia),  Sacanta (Argentina),  Sacramento (USA),  Sado City - Niigata Prefecture (Japan),  Saint John (Canada),  Saint Louis (USA),  Saint Paul NM (USA),  Saint-Denis (France),  Saladillo (Argentina),  Salem MA (USA),  Salliqueló (Argentina),  Salt Lake City (USA),  Salta (Argentina),  Saltuilo (Mexico),  Salvador (Brazil),  Samsø (Denmark),  San Antonio De Areco (Argentina),  San Antonio De Prado (Argentina),  San Antonio Oeste (Argentina),  San Antonio TX (USA),  San Benito (Argentina),  San Carlos (Argentina),  San Carlos De Bariloche (Argentina),  San Carlos Sud (Argentina),  San Cayetano (Argentina),  San Cristobal (Argentina9,  San Diego CA (USA),  San Fernando Valle Catamarca (Argentina),  San Francisco (USA),  San Isidro (Argentina),  San Javier (Argentina),  San Jerónimo Sud (Argentina),  San José (Argentina),  San Jose CA (USA),  San Justo (Argentina),  San Lorenzo (Argentina),  San Luis (Argentina),  San Martin De Los Andes (Argentina),  San Miguel - Buenos Aires (Argentina),  San NicoláS De Los Arroyos (Argentina),  San Pedro Garza García (Mexico),  San Pedro Tlaquepaque (Mexico),  San Salvador de Jujuy (Argentina),  San Vicente (Argentina),  Sandwell (United K.),  Sangli (India),  Santa Anita (Argentina),  Santa Bárbara (Brazil),  Santa Catarina (Mexico),  Santa Cruz CA (USA),  Santa Fé (Argentina),  Santa Maria (Argentina),  Santa Monica (USA),  Santiago City (Chile),  Santiago de Chuco (Peru),  Santo Tomé (Argentina),  São Cristóvão (Brazil),  São Gonçalo Do Rio Abaixo (Brazil),  São José Do Rio Preto (Brazil),  São Paulo (Brazil),  São Sepé (Brazil),  Sapporo City - Hokkaido Prefecture (Japan),  Sarasota - FL (USA),  Satara (India),  Sault Ste. Marie (Canada),  Sauce Viejo (Argentina),  Sceaux (France),  Seattle - WA (USA),  Senillosa (Argentina),  Seoul (South Korea),  Serodino (Argentina),  Serra Talhada (Argentina9,  Sheffield City Region (United K.),  Shiga Prefecture (Japan),  Shima City - Mie Prefecture (Japan),  Shimla (India),  Shoreline WA (USA),  Siemiatycze (Poland),  Simoca (Argentina),  Sintra (Portugal),  Skive (Denmark),  Slagelse (Denmark),  Solapur (India),  Soldini (Argentina),  Solihull Council (United K.),  Somerset West and Taunton (United K.),  Somerville - MA (USA),  Sønderborg (Denmark),  Sorø (Denmark),  South Gloucestershire Council (United K.),  Speyer (Germany),  St Albans City and District Council (United K.),  St Louis Park (USA),  St. Catharines (Canada),  St. Johns NL (Canada),  St. Petersburg FL (USA),  Staffordshire Moorlands (United K.),  Stavanger (Norway),  Stevenage Borough Council (United K.),  Stockholm (Sweden),  Strasbourg (France),  Stroud District (United K.),  Struer (Denmark),  Suceava (Romania),  Sunchales (Argentina),  Sunderland (United K.),  Superior (USA),  Surat (India),  Suwon (South Korea),  Svendborg (Denmark),  Swale (United K.),  Sydney (Australia),  Tacoma WA (USA),  Tafí del Valle (Argentina),  Tafi Viejo (Argentina),  Takamori Town - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Takeo City - Saga Prefecture (Japan),  Takoma Park - MD (USA),  Tampa FL (USA),  Tandil (Argentina),  Tapalqué (Argentina),  Taquarçu De Minas (Brazil),  Tårnby (Denmark),  Tel Aviv (Israel),  Tempa AZ (USA),  Terra Nova Do Norte (Brazil),  Thane (India),  Thunder Bay (Canada),  Ticino (Argentina),  Tigre (Argentina),  Tilisarao (Argentina),  Tirana (Albania),  Tlajomulco De Zúñiga (Mexico),  Tokyo (Japan),  Tonalá (Mexico),  Tópaga (Colombia),  Tornquist (Argentina),  Toronto (Canada),  Totoras (Argentina),  Toulon (France),  Tours (France),  Town Of Whitby ON (Canada),  Toyota City (Japan),  Transito (Argentina),  Travis County TX (USA),  Trenque Lauquen (Argentina),  Tres Arroyos (Argentina),  Tres de Febrero (Argentina),  Trevelin (Argentina),  Trondheim (Norway),  Tsévié (Togo),  Tshwane (South Africa),  Tubarão (Brazil),  Tucson (USA),  Tulcán (Equador),  Tulcea (Romania),  Turku (Finland),  Tyreso (Sweden),  Ubajaya (Argentina),  Uberlândia (Brazil),  Udaipur (India),  Udgir (India),  Uiwang (South Korea),  Uki City - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Ulhasnager (India),  Umeå (Sweden),  Uozu City - Toyama Prefecture (Japan),  Uppsala (Sweden),  Uranga (Argentina),  Uruguaiana (Brazil),  Ushuaia (Argentina),  Uto City - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Valencia (Spain),  Valle María (Argentina),  Vancouver (Canada),  Varde (Denmark),  Vasai-Virar (India),  Västervik (Sweden),  Växjö (Sweden),  Vejen (Denmark),  Vejle (Denmark),  Venado Tuerto (Argentina),  Venice (Italy),  Versailles (France),  Vesthimmerland (Denmark),  Viale (Argentina),  Viborg (Denmark),  Vicente López (Argentina),  Victoria (Canada),  Viedma (Argentina),  Vienna (Austria),  Vigan (Philippines),  Villa Allende (Argentina),  Villa Amelia (Argentina),  Villa Carlos Paz (Argentina),  Villa Constitución (Argentina),  Villa de Merlo (Argentina),  Villa De Soto (Argentina),  Villa El Chocón (Argentina),  Villa Eloisa (Argentina),  Villa Gesell (Argentina),  Villa Gobernador Galvez (Argentina),  Villa Hernandarias (Argentina),  Villa Ocampo (Argentina),  Villa Pehuenia (Argentina),  Villa Quillinzo (Argentina),  Villa Regino (Argentina),  Villa San Justo (Argentina),  Villa Valle Maria (Argentina),  Villaguay (Argentina),  Villarino (Argentina),  Villeneuve d'Ascq (France),  Villeurbanne (France),  Visakhapatnam (India),  Visé (Belgium),  Visone (Italy),  Vitacura (Chile),  Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain),  Vordingborg (Denmark),  Wałbrzych (Poland),  Wardha (India),  Warsaw (Poland),  Warwickshire (United K.),  Washington,  - D.C. (USA),  Washtenaw County - MI (USA),  Watsonville (USA),  Wellington (New Zealand),  West Dunbartonshire (United K.),  West Hollywood CA (USA),  West Midlands Combined Authority (United K.),  West of England Combined Authority (United K.),  West Palm Beach - FL (USA),  Westminster (United K.),  Wheelwright (United K.),  White Plains - NY (USA),  Willoughby (Argentina),  Wiltshire Council (United K.),  Winona (USA),  Włocławek (Poland),  Woollahra (Australia),  Wroclaw (Poland),  Wuhan (China),  Wyndham (Australia),  Xochimilco (Mexcico),  Yamato Town - Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan),  Yaoundé (Cameroon),  Yarra (Australia),  Yavatmal (India),  Yeosu City (South Korea),  Yerba Buena (Argentina),  Yokohama (Japan),  Yopal (Colombia),  Yosano Town - Kyoto Prefecture (Japan),  Yuseong (South Korea),  Zalau (Romania),  Zapala (Argentina),  Zapopan (Mexico),  Zapotlanejo (Mexcico),  Zaragoza (Spain),  Zürich (Switzerland).

Intergovernmental organisations 0
Financial Institutions 584 ABANCA Corporación Bancaria (Spain),  Aberdeen Standard Investments (United K.),  ABP (Netherlands),  Accident Compensation Corporation (New Zealand),  Achmea (Netherlands),  ACRE (USA),  ACTIAM (Netherlands),  Actis LLP (United K.),  Addenda Capital (Canada),  Aegon (Netherlands),  Aegon Asset Management (Netherlands),  Affirmative Investment Management (United K.),  African Risk Capacity (United K.),  Akademiker Pension (Denmark),  Aker Horizons (Norway),  Aktia Bank (Finland),  Aktie-Ansvar AB (Sweden),  ÅLandsbanken (Finland),  Alecta PensionsföRsäKring (Sweden),  Algebris Investments (United K.),  Alliancebernstein (USA),  Allianz Global Investors (Germany),  Allianz SE (Germany),  Allied Irish Banks (Ireland),  Alpha Trust (Greece),  Alquity (United K.),  Amalgamated Bank (USA),  American Express (USA),  American Hellenic Hull (Cyprus),  AMF Pensionsförsäkring (Sweden),  Amundi Asset Management (France),  Anaxis Asset Management (France),  Angel Oak Capital (USA),  AP Pension (Denmark),  AP2 (Sweden),  AP7 (Sweden),  APG Asset Management (Netherlands),  Apostle Funds Management (Australia),  Arcadian Asset Management (USA),  ARGOS WITYU PARTNERS (Luxembourg),  Arisaig Partners (Singapore),  Arjuna Capital (USA),  Artemis Investment Management (United K.),  AshGrove Capital (United K.),  Ashmore Group (United K.),  Artemis Investment Management (United K.),  AshGrove Capital (United K.),  Ashmore Group (United K.),  ASR Nederland (Netherlands),  Asset Management One Co.,  (Japan),  Assicurazioni Generali Spa (Italy),  Asteria Investment Managers (Switzerland),  Astorg (France),  Atlas Infrastructure (United K.),  Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (Australia),  Australian Ethical Investment (Australia),  Avanza Bank Holding (Sweden),  Aviva plc (United K.),  Avon Pension Fund (United K.),  AXA Group (France),  AXA Investment Management (France),  Axium Infrastructure (Canada),  B2Holding ASA (Norway),  BAC Credomatic (Costa Rica),  Baillie Gifford & Co. (United K.),  Banca Ifis (Italy),  Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (Italy),  Banco Bradesco (Brazil),  Banco de la Produccion S.A Produbanco (Equador),  Banco do Brasil (Brazil),  Banco Itaú Unibanco (Brazil),  Banco Mercantil del Norte (Mexico),  Banco Promerica (Costa Rica),  Banco Sabadell (Spain),  Banco Santander (Spain),  BancoEstado de Chile (Chile),  BanColombia SA (Colombia),  Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG (Switzerland),  Bank of America (USA),  Bank of Nova Scotia (Canada),  Bankinter (Spain),  BankInvest (Denmark),  Banpro Grupo Promerica (Nicaragua9,  Barclays (United K.),  Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund (United K.),  Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (Switzerland),  Bayerische Versorgungskammer (Germany),  BBGI Global Infrastructure (Luxembourg),  BBVA (Spain),  Beazley (United K.),  Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (Australia),  Bentall Green Oak (Canada),  Berner Kantonalbank AG BEKB (Switzerland),  Big Yellow Group (United K.),  Bin Yuan Capital (China),  BlackRock (USA),  Block-Inc (USA),  Blue Ridge Bank (USA),  BMO Financial Group (Canada),  BMO Global Asset Management (United K.),  BNK Asset Management (South Korea),  BNK Financial Group Inc (South Korea),  BNP Paribas (France),  BNP Paribas Asset Management (France),  BNP Paribas Cardif (France),  Border To Coast Pensions Partnership (United K.),  Boston Common Asset Management (USA),  Boston Trust/Walden Asset Management (USA),  BPER Banca (Italy),  Brandywine Global Asset Management (USA),  Brawn Capital (China),  Breckinridge Capital Advisors (USA),  Bregal Investments United K.),  Brewin Dolphin (United K.),  Bridges Fund Management (United K.),  British Business Bank (United K.),  British Land Company (United K.),  Brookfield Asset Management (Canada),  Brown Advisory (USA),  Brunel Pension Partnership (United K.),  BT Funds Management (New Zealand),  C WorldWide Asset Management (Denmark),  Caisse De Depot Et Placement Du QuéBec (Canada),  Caixa Geral de Depósitos (Portugal),  CaixaBank (Spain),  Calpers (USA),  Calvert Investments (USA),  Camco Clean Energy (United K.),  Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Canada),  Candriam (Luxembourg),  Capital + SAFI (Bolivia),  Capitas Finance (United K.),  CapMan (Finland),  Capricorn Investment Group (USA),  Cardano Holding Limited (United K.),  Castleforge Partners (United K.),  Cathay Financial Holding Co. (China),  CCLA Investment Management (United K.),  China Development Financial Holding Corporation (China),  Church Of England (United K.),  Church Of Sweden Asset Management (Sweden),  CIMB Bank Berhad (Malaysia),  Citigroup (USA),  City Bank (Bangladesh),  Clean Energy Ventures (USA),  Clearbridge Investments (USA),  CNP Assurances (France),  Coast Capital (Canada),  Colony Capital (USA),  Columbia Threadneedle Investments (USA),  COMGEST (France),  Commercial International Bank (Egypt),  Commerzbank AG (Germany),  Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Australia),  Community Capital Management (USA),  Coöperatieve Rabobank (Netherlands),  Coopeservidores (Costa Rica),  Cornwall Pension Fund (United K.),  Coutts (United K.),  CQS (United K,  ),  Credit Agricole (France),  Credit Agricole Assurances (France),  Credit Mutuel (France),  Credit Suisse (Switzerland),  CTBC Financial Holding Co. (China),  Cultivo Land (USA),  Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company (Japan),  Daiwa Asset Management Co (Japan),  Danica Pension (Denmark),  Danske Bank (Denmark),  David Rockefeller Fund (USA),  DBS Bank (Singapore),  Definity Financial Corporation (canada),  Deka Investment (Germany).

Deka Vermögensmanagement (Germany),  Derwent London (United K.),  Desjardins Global Asset Management (Canada),  Desjardins Group (Canada),  Deutsche Bank (Germany),  Devon County Council (United K.),  Dexus (Australia),  DIF Capital Partners represented by DIF Management (Netherlands),  Digital Realty Trust (USA),  DigitalBridge (USA),  Direct Line Insurance Group (United K.),  DPAM (Belgium),  Dream Unlimited (Canada),  DSC Meridian (USA),  DUGUUD (United K.),  DWM (USA),  DWS Investment (Germany),  EAB Group (Finland),  Earth Capital (United K.),  EcoFin (USA),  Ecology Building Society (United K.),  Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company (Finland),  Environment Agency Pension Fund (United K.),  Erste Group Bank (Austria),  ESPIRIA (Sweden),  Etablissement Du RéGime Additionnel De La Fonction Publique - Erafp (France),  Ethical Partners (Australia),  Ethos Services (Switzerland=,  Eurizon Capital (Italy),  Euroclear (Belgium),  Evenlode Investment Management (United K.),  Evli Bank (Finland),  FAMA (Brazil),  Fana Sparebank (Norway),  Fideuram Asset Management Ireland (Ireland),  Fideuram Asset Management SGR (Italy),  Fiera Capital Corporation (Canada),  FIL Investments International (Unite K.),  Findlay Park Partners (United K.),  First Abu Dhabi Bank (United Arab Emirates),  First Sentier Investors (Australia),  Folksam (Sweden),  Fondita Fund Management Company (Finland),  Fonds De RéServe Pour Les Retraites (France),  Franklin Templeton (USA),  Frontier lnvestment Management (Denmark),  FSN Capital Partners (Norway),  FSRG represented by FGIS (Gabon),  Fulcrum Asset Management (United K.),  FullCycle (USA),  Future Super (Australia),  Gam Investments (Ireland),  Garanti BBVA (Turkey),  Generation Investment Management (United K.),  Global Parametrics (United K.),  GLS Gemeinschaftsbank (Germany),  GMO (USA),  Goldman Sachs Group (USA),  Gothaer Group (USA),  Government Superannuation Fund Authority (New Zealand),  Gramercy Funds Management (USA),  Grant 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Supporting partners 19 Race to Zero is an exercise in radical collaboration,  uniting net zero commitments from a range of leading networks and initiatives across the climate action community. Race to Zero collaborates with the following initiatives and networks,  which have independently been mobilizing non-Party net zero commitments:

•The Argentinian Network of Municipalities •Certified B Corporation •The B Team •Business Ambition for 1.5 C - Our Only Future •C40’s Deadline 2020 •Carbon Neutrality Coalition •Chambers Climate Coalition •The Climate Pledge •Exponential Roadmap Initiative •Fashion Charter for Climate Action •Global Universities and Colleges for the Climate •ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability •Net-Zero Asset Owners Alliance •Science Based Targets for Cities •TED Countdown •Under2Coalition •World Economic Forum / Mission Possible •We Mean Business Coalition •World Business Council For Sustainable Development

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