ICI Analysis

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Number of Initiatives launched per year

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Number of Initiatives covering geographical regions

Geographical region Number of ICIs
Global 197
Asia and the Pacific 30
South East Asia 1
Latin America and The Caribbean 29
Africa 30
West Africa 2
Middle East 0
Western Europe 39
Eastern Europe 30
North America 35
Only one country 4
Note: one initiative may cover several regions

Number of initiatives with certain levels of members

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Number of ICIs with a certain type of lead organisation

Lead organisation Number of ICIs
Business 10
NGO/Civil Society 59
National government 4
Local government 2
Other public institution 0
Financial institution 6
Corporate 4
United Nations or Specialised agency 16
Other intergovernmental organization 20
Academic/Research institution 14
International organisation 56
Network/Consortium/Partnership 64

How many Initiatives cover each activity

Functions & Activities Number of ICIs
Political dialogue
Advocacy 34
Awareness raising and outreach 76
Policy planning and recommendations 65
Norms and standard setting 24
Technical dialogue
Knowledge production and innovation 86
Knowledge dissemination and exchange 143
Technical operational implementation 45
Goal Setting 68
Capacity Building
Training and education of individuals 78
Fundraising 22
Financing 18