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Increasing visibility of the EU-ASE “brand”
Increasing visibility of the EU-ASE “brand”
|Participants companies number=14
|Participants companies number=14
|Participants companies names=Danfoss (Denmark), Kingspan (Ireland), Knauf Insulation (Germany), Saint-Gobain (France), Schneider Electric (Germany), Siemens (Germany), Veolia (France), E3G (United Kingdom), European Climate Foundation (United K.), Kyoto Club (Italy), Signify (Netherlands), Ecolab (USA), Orbital Systems (Sweden), Xylem (Denmark).  
|Participants companies names=Danfoss (Denmark), Ecolab (USA), Kingspan (Ireland), Knauf Insulation (Germany), Saint-Gobain (France), Schneider Electric (Germany), Siemens (Germany), Veolia (France), E3G (United Kingdom), European Climate Foundation (United K.), Kyoto Club (Italy), Signify (Netherlands), Orbital Systems (Sweden), Xylem (Denmark).  
|Number of members={{Number of members
|Number of members={{Number of members
|Number of members year=2020
|Number of members year=2020

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Name of initiative European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE)
LPAA initiative No
NAZCA Initiative No
Website address http://www.euase.com/
Related initiatives
Starting year 2010
End year
Secretariat The executive secretariat of the European Alliance to Save Energy is provided by Business Solutions Europe: Rue Philippe Le Bon 15, 1000 – Brussels, Belgium; matteo.guidi@euase.eu
Organisational structure Monica Frassoni is the President of the Alliance.

The board is made up of business leaders, politicians, academia and some of Europe’s most prominent climate campaigners.

Geographical coverage Western Europe
Name of lead organisation Business Solutions
Type of lead organisation Corporate
Location/Nationality of lead organisation Belgium


Description The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) was established at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) in December 2010. Our members are some of Europe’s leading multinational companies, a prominent cross-party group of European politicians and energy efficiency campaigners from across Europe. EU-ASE enables these business leaders to join and work together to advance their common ‘cause’ of energy efficiency, foster good business practices and share ideas.
Objectives The vision of the Alliance is a future where energy efficiency and end-users empowerment are central to the EU energy system and are fundamental drivers for job creation, sustainable growth, competitiveness, energy productivity, innovation, energy security and decarbonisation.

Mission: Be the leading European business organization gathering and representing all industrial sectors engaged in energy efficiency; Give visibility and enhance technological and market solutions for energy efficiency whose potential is today not fully exploited, aiming for a doubling of the rate of energy efficiency improvements to at least 3% per year; Strengthen and enforce a well-functioning EU legislative and financial framework for energy efficiency and cost-effective decarbonisation, in line with the Paris agreement; Promote a forward looking political agenda where energy efficiency will facilitate further decarbonisation efforts and the integration of renewable energy sources.

Activities Build a solid case to illustrate that existing policy could be more effective and push for an ambitious binding energy efficiency target

Increasing political commitment to energy efficiency in Europe

Increasing visibility of the EU-ASE “brand”

One or two success stories achieved

Monitoring and Impacts

Function of initiative Political dialogue
Activity of initiative Advocacy, Policy planning and recommendations
Comments on indicators and goals
How will goals be achieved
Have you changed or strenghtened your goals
Progress towards the goals
How are you tracking progress of your initiative
Available reporting


Participants Number Names
Members 14  
Companies 14 Danfoss (Denmark),Ecolab (USA),Kingspan (Ireland),Knauf Insulation (Germany),Saint-Gobain (France),Schneider Electric (Germany),Siemens (Germany),Veolia (France),E3G (United Kingdom),European Climate Foundation (United K.),Kyoto Club (Italy),Signify (Netherlands),Orbital Systems (Sweden),Xylem (Denmark).
Business organisations 0
Research and educational organisations 0
Non-governmental organisations 0
National states 0
Governmental actors 0
Regional / state / county actors 0
City / municipal actors 0
Intergovernmental organisations 0
Financial Institutions 0
Other members 0
Supporting partners 0
Number of members in the years
Have only national states as participators No


Transport Agriculture Forestry Business Financial institutions Buildings Industry Waste Cities and subnational governments Short Term Pollutants International maritime transport Energy Supply Fluorinated gases Energy efficiency Renewable energy Supply chain emission reductions Adaptation Other Resilience Innovation Energy Access and Efficiency Private Finance
No No No No No No No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No No
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Not only have national states as participators