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|Participants companies number=0
|Participants companies number=0
|Participants business organisations number=0
|Participants business organisations number=0
|Participants business organisations names=EV100 (United Kingdom), UITP (Belgium), UIC (France), MOVIN'ON (France),
|Participants research and educational organisations number=0
|Participants research and educational organisations number=0
|Participants non-governmental organisations number=0
|Participants non-governmental organisations number=5
|Participants non-governmental organisations names=TUMI (Germany), C40 (United Kingdom), ICLEI (Germany), WRI (USA), ITDP (USA).
|Participants national actors number=0
|Participants national actors number=0
|Participants governmental actors number=0
|Participants governmental actors number=3
|Participants governmental actors names=BMZ (Germany), Sustainable Mobility for All (USA),  SLoCaT Secretariat (China)
|Participants regional actors number=0
|Participants regional actors number=0
|Participants municipal actors number=0
|Participants municipal actors number=0
|Participants intergovernmental organisations number=0
|Participants intergovernmental organisations number=1
|Participants financial institutions number=0
|Participants intergovernmental organisations names=UN Habitat (Kenya)
|Participants financial institutions number=4
|Participants financial institutions names=ADB (Phillippines), CAF (Venezuela), GIZ (Germany), KfW (Germany),
|Participants other members number=0
|Participants other members number=0
|Participants supporting partners number=0
|Participants supporting partners number=0

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Name of initiative Action towards Climate-Friendly Transport (ACT)
LPAA initiative No
NAZCA Initiative No
Website address www.transformative-mobility.org/news/do-you-act-iact
Related initiatives
Starting year 2018
End year
Secretariat Maruxa Cardama, Secretary General, Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT), e-mail: maruxa.cardama@slocatpartnership.org
Organisational structure Germany’s BMZ, World Resources Institute, The International Association of Public Transport UITP, The Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative TUMI

You can join ACT at: info@transformative-mobility.org.

Geographical coverage Global
Name of lead organisation Action towards Climate-Friendly Transport (ACT)
Type of lead organisation Network/Consortium/Partnership
Location/Nationality of lead organisation Germany


Description Climate stabilization requires a decarbonized transport sector. The Action towards Climate Friendly Transport (ACT) initiative works towards this objective by following a holistic sustainable transport approach that reflects the Avoid-Shift-Improve (A-S-I) framework.
Objectives Accelerate the development and deployment of zero emission vehicles by 2030. Establish a multi-region platform for e-bus deployment in 500 cities by 2025, particularly in the Global South.
One or two success stories achieved

Monitoring and Impacts

Function of initiative Implementation
Activity of initiative Goal setting (ex-ante)
Goals I. Improving the access of people and goods around the world to affordable, clean, safe and reliable mobility in order to improve individual development opportunities,

II. Advancing the mass roll-out of zero emission vehicles to aid decarbonisation of the transport sector, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions of urban transport systems, III. Aiming towards the integration of a wide field of actors including national and subnational governments and their networks, financiers and international development cooperation actors as well as the private sector and civil society to work with unified forces to adress sustainable urban mobility challenges. IV. Strengthening the political, legal and institutional frameworks, V. Reducing the adverse health and poverty-driving impacts of air pollution due to urban transport and road accidents.

Comments on indicators and goals
How will goals be achieved
Have you changed or strenghtened your goals
Progress towards the goals
How are you tracking progress of your initiative
Available reporting


Participants Number Names
Members 13  
Companies 0
Business organisations 0 EV100 (United Kingdom),  UITP (Belgium),  UIC (France),  MOVIN'ON (France)
Research and educational organisations 0
Non-governmental organisations 5 TUMI (Germany),  C40 (United Kingdom),  ICLEI (Germany),  WRI (USA),  ITDP (USA).
National states 0
Governmental actors 3 BMZ (Germany),  Sustainable Mobility for All (USA),  SLoCaT Secretariat (China)
Regional / state / county actors 0
City / municipal actors 0
Intergovernmental organisations 1 UN Habitat (Kenya)
Financial Institutions 4 ADB (Phillippines),  CAF (Venezuela),  GIZ (Germany),  KfW (Germany)
Other members 0
Supporting partners 0
Number of members in the years
Have only national states as participators No


Transport Agriculture Forestry Business Financial institutions Buildings Industry Waste Cities and subnational governments Short Term Pollutants International maritime transport Energy Supply Fluorinated gases Energy efficiency Renewable energy Supply chain emission reductions Adaptation Other Resilience Innovation Energy Access and Efficiency Private Finance
Yes No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No
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Not only have national states as participators