Lean and Green


Name of initiative Lean and Green
LPAA initiative No
NAZCA Initiative No
Website address http://www.lean-green.eu/
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Starting year 2008
End year
Secretariat Lean & Green Europe, Lia Hsu, Email: hsu@connekt.nl, Phone number: +31 (0)653 96 8209
Organisational structure Lean and Green is an international stimulation programme for businesses and authorities, implemented by Connekt: a Dutch non-profit network for sustainable mobility.
Geographical coverage Western Europe
Name of lead organisation Lean & Green Europe
Type of lead organisation NGO/Civil Society
Location/Nationality of lead organisation Netherlands


Description Lean and Green is an initiative to support sustainable transportation by helping companies to reduce GHG emissions while increasing profitability. Companies that demonstrate that they are actively working towards improving their sustainability are rewarded with the program's 'Lean and Green' Award. The performance of the award recipients is monitored and these companies are obliged to report on their emission savings twice a year.

Connekt/Lean and Green are therefore aiming to have Lean and Green made into the standard in logistics chains and mobility in countries where frontrunners are active. Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany started their own Lean and Green programmes, in cooperation with Connekt. Connekt/Lean and Green is preparing the launch of other European Lean and Green chapters. Lean and Green is for every company or governmental body with the intention to move to a higher level of sustainability, by optimizing their mobility processes.

Objectives Lean and Green is a stimulation programme for businesses and authorities, implemented by Connekt: a Dutch non-profit network for sustainable mobility. It aims to encourage businesses and government bodies to move to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that not only yield cost savings, but at the same time reduce the burden on the environment. If an organisation can demonstrate through a plan of action that it will be able to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% in five years’ time, it becomes eligible for the Lean and Green Award. If the objective in the plan of action is actually achieved, the organisation is awarded its first Lean and Green Star.
Activities Award program
One or two success stories achieved

Monitoring and Impacts

Function of initiative Political dialogue
Activity of initiative Awareness raising and outreach
Comments on indicators and goals
How will goals be achieved
Have you changed or strenghtened your goals
Progress towards the goals
How are you tracking progress of your initiative
Available reporting


Participants Number Names
Members 400  
Companies 0
Business organisations 0
Research and educational organisations 0
Non-governmental organisations 0
National states 0
Governmental actors 0
Regional / state / county actors 0
City / municipal actors 0
Intergovernmental organisations 0
Financial Institutions 0
Other members 400 The Lean and Green network now comprises more than 400 frontrunners in 5 European countries,  within the scope of two mobility themes: Logistics and Personal Mobility. Lean and Green has offices in Belgium,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Luxembourg,  Netherlands,  Norway,  Spain,  Sweden,  UK. For the Netherlands: visit http://lean-green.nl/nl-NL/lean-and-green/koplopers/

For Italy: http://www.freightleaders.org/lean-and-green-faq/ For Germany: https://www.gs1-germany.de/gs1-solutions/nachhaltigkeit/lean-and-green/ For Luxembourg: http://www.clusterforlogistics.lu/why-luxembourg/projects/project-detail/logistics-parks/lean-and-green

Supporting partners 0
Number of members in the years
Have only national states as participators No


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