Energy Cities


Name of initiative Energy Cities
LPAA initiative No
NAZCA Initiative No
Website address
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Starting year 1990
End year
Secretariat Energy Cities

Renewable Energy House 63-65 rue d’Arlon BE-10400 Brussels Tel. : +32 (0)2 400 1000

Organisational structure
Geographical coverage Western Europe
Name of lead organisation Renewable Energy House
Type of lead organisation Network/Consortium/Partnership
Location/Nationality of lead organisation Belgium


Description Energy Cities is the European Association of local authorities in energy transition. From 2013 to 2015, Energy Cities is under the Presidency of the City of Heidelberg (DE) with a Board of Directors of 11 European cities. The association created in 1990 represents now more than 1,000 towns and cities in 30 countries. Energy Cities premises are located in Brussels (BE) and Besancon (FR). Updated October 2015.
Objectives Strengthen your role and skills in the field of sustainable energy; Represent your interests and influence the policies and proposals made by European Union institutions in the fields of Energy, environmental protection and urban policy; develop and Promote your initiatives through exchange of experiences, the transfer of know-how and the implementation of joint projects.
One or two success stories achieved

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Function of initiative Capacity building
Activity of initiative Training and education
Comments on indicators and goals
How will goals be achieved
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Participants Number Names
Members 153  
Companies 0
Business organisations 0
Research and educational organisations 0
Non-governmental organisations 0
National states 0
Governmental actors 0
Regional / state / county actors 4 Union of Communities (Armenia),  EcoEnergy – Municipal Energy Efficiency Network (Bulgaria),  Province of Liège (Belgium),  RÉGION BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE-COMTÉ (France).
City / municipal actors 143 Viennna (Austria),  Brussels (Belgium),  Forest (Belgium),  Leuven (Belgium),  Liege (Belgium),  Mouscron (Belgium),  Namur (Belgium),  Vilvoorde (Belgium),  IVANIĆ-GRAD (Croatia),  KARLOVAC (Croatia),  KRIŽEVCI (Croatia),  POREČ - PARENZO (Croatia),  RIJEKA (Croatia),  VELIKA GORICA (Croatia),  ZADAR (Croatia),  ZAGREB (Croatia),  Aradippou (Cypros),  LITOMĚŘICE (Czech Republic),  Frederikshavn (Denmark),  Sønderborg (Denmark),  Odense (Denmark),  Helsinki (Finland),  Tampere (Finland),  ALBERTVILLE (France),  AMIENS MÉTROPOLE (France),  ARTOIS - UC (France),  BAYONNE (France),  BESANÇON (France),  BORDEAUX MÉTROPOLE (France),  BREST MÉTROPOLE (France),  CLERMONT AUVERGNE MÉTROPOLE (France),  DIJON (France),  DUNKIRK - UC (France),  ECHIROLLES (France),  EPERNAY (France),  ESSONNE COUNTY (France),  GRAND BESANÇON - UC (France),  GRAND CHAMBÉRY - UC (France),  GRAND CHÂTELLERAULT (France),  GRAND LYON MÉTROPOLE (France),  GRAND NANCY MÉTROPOLE (France),  GRAND PARIS SEINE OUEST - UC (France),  GRAND PARIS SUD - UC (France),  GRENOBLE (France),  GRENOBLE ALPES MÉTROPOLE (France),  LA ROCHELLE - UC (France),  LE HAVRE (France),  LES MUREAUX (France),  LILLE (France),  LILLE MÉTROPOLE (France),  LIMOGES MÉTROPOLE (France),  LORIENT (France),  MARSEILLE (France),  METZ (France),  METZ MÉTROPOLE (France),  MONTBÉLIARD - UC (France),  MONTMÉLIAN (France),  MONTPELLIER (France),  MONTREUIL (France),  MULHOUSE - UC (France),  NANTERRE (France),  NANTES (France),  NANTES MÉTROPOLE (France),  NEUVECELLE (France),  NEVERS (France),  NICE CÔTE D'AZUR MÉTROPOLE (France),  PARIS (France),  PAU - UC (France),  QUIMPER - UC (France),  RENNES (France),  RENNES MÉTROPOLE (France),  SAINT-ETIENNE MÉTROPOLE (France),  SAINT-NAZAIRE (France),  SIEL - TERRITOIRE D'ENERGIE LOIRE (France),  SIPPEREC - SYNDICAT INTERCOMMUNAL DE LA PÉRIPHÉRIE DE PARIS (France),  STRASBOURG MÉTROPOLE (France),  TOULOUSE MÉTROPOLE (France),  Tourcoing (France),  Rustavi (Georgia),  Tbilissi (Georgia),  FRANKFURT AM MAIN (Germany),  FREIBURG IM BREISGAU (Germany),  HEIDELBERG (Germany),  MUNICH (Germany),  SCHWETZINGEN (Germany),  STUTTGART (Germany),  ULM (Germany),  Igoumenitsa (Greece),  Komotini (Greece),  Budapest (Hungary),  Cork county (Ireland),  Dublin (Ireland),  Hadera (Israel),  MANTOVA (Italy),  MODENA (Italy),  PARMA (Italy),  PORDENONE (Italy),  Salerno (Italy),  UDINE (Italy),  Riga (Latvia),  CHEFCHAOUEN (Morocco),  Salé (Morocco),  CHRISTCHURCH (New Zealand),  Skopje (North Macedonia),  ÁGUEDA (Portugal),  ALMADA (Portugal),  AVEIRO (Portugal),  BARREIRO (Portugal),  GUIMARÃES (Portugal),  MOURA (Portugal),  BISTRIȚA (Romania),  BRAȘOV (Romania),  BUCHAREST (Romania),  TIMIȘOARA (Romania),  Poprad (Slovakia),  Trnava (Slovakia),  ČAČAK (Serbia),  NIŠ (Serbia),  KOČEVJE (Slovenia),  CADIZ (Spain),  FIGUERES (Spain),  MÁLAGA (Spain),  PAMPLONA (Spain),  SAN SEBASTIÁN - DONOSTIA (Spain),  VALENCIA (Spain),  LJUNGBY (Sweden),  REGION OF KRONOBERG (Sweden),  VÄXJÖ (Sweden),  GENEVA (Switzerland),  LAUSANNE (Switzerland),  Martigny (Switzerland),  DELFT (Netherlands),  HEERLEN (Netherlands),  UTRECHT (Netherlands),  ZOETERMEER (Netherlands),  BORNOVA (Turkey),  BÜYÜKCEKMECE (Turkey),  GAZIANTEP (Turkey),  KARŞIYAKA (Turkey),  NILÜFER (Turkey),  SEFERIHISAR (Turkey),  Lviv (Ukraine),  Mariupol (Ukraine),  Ivano - Frankivsk (Ukraine),  ABERDEEN (United K.),  BRISTOL (United K.),  Milton Keynes (United K.).
Intergovernmental organisations 0
Financial Institutions 0
Other members 6 IMAGINE (United Kingdom),  Conseil Regional de Franche-Comte (France),  ADEME (France),  Danfoss (Denmark),  Conseil General du Doubs (France),  French Environment and Energy Ministry (France).
Supporting partners 0
Number of members in the years
Have only national states as participators No


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